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Selfie Camera – Kiwi is a simple photo editing tool and filter. With just a few clicks, you can create a beautiful Selfie photo for yourself. Selfie Camera – Kiwi app has both photos capturing and photo editing features. You can take pictures from your local collection or turn on the camera in the app and take a snapshot. Then, input your photos to the editing application.

In this app, users can apply beautiful kiwifruit filters on your photos, making the photo more clear, cool eyes. In addition, some filters can also create retro photo styles. The Analog Film Kiwi photo editing tool also adds scratches and dust on the camera to make it look like a real movie.

The key feature of the Selfie Camera – Kiwi for Android:

  • More than 15 beautiful movie filters.
  • Adjust the intensity of the filter to make the picture perfect.
  • Advanced editing tools: Applying filters is not enough. Users can personalize the photo with advanced photo editing tools such as brightness, contrast, textures, saturation and sharpness.
  • Easy sharing tools: Share your perfect photo on social networks to show off to friends.

Take a beautiful photo then apply the filter to the Selfie Camera – Kiwi  application for Android. Visit the link below to download the app and experience.


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