School of Dragons

School of Dragons – the ultimate dragon training game

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School of Dragons – the ultimate dragon training game

School of Dragons is an adventure RPG that blends in very unique tactics. This game was inspired by the movie How To Train Your Dragon, which caused millions of viewers to go crazy. With the game version, the School of Dragons will bring gamers into a virtual world – where you will be the one who is able to nurture and raise many small dragons.

School of Dragons

Known as “Dragon’s School” or Dragon Training Game, School of Dragons is currently one of the most attractive dragon themes. Entering this game, players will be able to adventure in a colorful 3D world with Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid and many other Viking friends in the dragon academy; nurture, care for and train small dragons until they become powerful monsters. The more successful tasks you complete, you will be promoted and quickly enrolled in the school’s gold board, especially getting the title of the best dragon training specialist.

Once these dragons are “enough feathered wings”, gamers can join their animals to begin deep-sea adventures, discover the mysteries buried in the caves and lands of Berk to Test skills and knowledge learned. The true Vikings are unafraid and together with their sacred animals, they can conquer previously unknown worlds. And you are a true Viking.

School of Dragons

Features of the School of Dragons game:

– Participate in a series of challenging missions with familiar friends in the famous film How To Train Your Dragon like Hiccup, Toothless and more.

– Build your dragon army up to more than 30 different animals. Show your skills and skills to become the best dragon trainer.

– Explore the vast world of Berk and experience many attractive mini games like racing, shooting …

– Farming and fishing are the two main sources of Vikings. Build your own farm with pets, crops, plant trees, customize working tools …

– Explore the sea floor and collect the rarest fish species.

– Create your own Avatar. Feed the dragon you want and change the animal’s appearance using a variety of options.

– Enrolling in the school will give you the opportunity to experience the game with millions of players worldwide. Make friends, meet new people and exchange experiences of raising dragons.

– Discover 7 different lands and find new things every day.

– Participate in dragon races to win prizes and attractive medals.

– A title that converges elements that are built on the basis of science, is a place for young gamers to learn reflective, interactive, thinking and useful skills by goods research specialists. top of the world.

– Experience games on multiple devices, play on the web, mobile, Facebook, computers. Log in the game to sync important data.

School of Dragons

The School of Dragons game will bring a valuable knowledge base from basic science to art of fireballs, soaring through the sky on your very own dragon.

Regularly improve, nurture, train dragons, because the more you practice with your dragon, the more attachment will increase and help increase rankings in School of Dragons. In addition, join with others in the clan to jointly adventure, dominate the land of Berk in victory and glory.

School of Dragons supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Korean and Chinese.

If you’re ready to train a dragon and adventure in the School of Dragons world, download the School of Dragons and enjoy this game right now.





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