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SAO Integral Factor released international version, pre-register now

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After a time in the Japan area, Bandai Namco recently announced the international version of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. Like other Sword Art Online versions, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor also takes the storyline out in the first part of the series. Players will be able to play one of the 10,000 posters trapped in the virtual world of the game. If you want to escape from this place, you need to destroy all the monsters on the 100th floor of Aincrad.

SAO IF is an MMORPG game on the mobile phone, which is keeping the style of party gathering and boss fighting like the SAO games on the PlayStation. This will be the first mobile game that allows players to control the character in SAO and explore the virtual world in the right sense. Players will be led by many familiar characters from the original, such as Kirito and Asuna, or Yuna in the new movie Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. This brings new and familiar experiences for new or old gamers of this brand.

After a limited release in Japan, Bandai Namco recently announced an international version of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor that supports English. From now on both iOS and Android gamers will be able to pre-register for a chance to play the game just before the official launch.

However, Vietnamese gamers should not be too happy because Bandai Namco has a tradition of IP locking in our area. If you want to play SAO Integral Factor, you have to be prepared to fake IP. Responding to English support will help us better understand the game rather than having to tinker with the Japanese version.

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