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Samurai Shodown or the Samurai Spirits in Japan is a highly competitive action game produced by SNK in 1993 on gaming consoles. The game is being reworked as a mobile game exclusively for the Chinese market with the Chinese name 天下第一 剑客 传, the global version of the game has also been released for free to allow all the players to experience now.

Samurai Shodown APK download for Android

Samurai Shodown’s mobile version is a horizontal-action RPG game developed by FL Mobile, a well-known game studio in China, with the help of SNK Shanghai. Characters such as Haohmaru (and its several other versions) and Nakoruru will be featured in this version of the game and bring fierce and challenging combat.

Unlike other fighting games, most of them are set in modern settings and focus primarily on hand-to-hand battles. Samurai Shodown is based on Japanese feudalism, and it is one of the most popular. The first game that focuses on weapons is the sword. Besides, the music in the game is from the late 18th century with many traditional Japanese instruments.

As a mobile game for the Chinese market, players can fully expect features such as PVE or PVP and Gacha character. In addition, the VIP system directly affects the power of the character, which is famous for the pay-to-win features of Chinese games also appear in the game.

Samurai Shodown’s playstyle is actually quite simple. You only need to use combos to defeat opponents and win. The interesting points of the game are from fast-paced and powerful attacks. In order to highlight the originality of the game, slow spinning is added to increase damage to opponents in difficult attacks. During the battle, there is also a referee holding flags corresponding to each player to identify who has just launched a blow.

Key Features of the game:

  • Fighting games are highly competitive
  • Gameplay is attractive and simple.
  • Abundant character system
  • Character power upgrade.
  • Many game modes
  • Play with friends and share through social networks
  • The familiar and prominent horizontal screen graphics.


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