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Samurai Legends (Dreamsky) MOD APK for Android

Samurai Legends is a great game that many players are looking for. This game is very impressive because of the horizontal action and the Japanese warrior Samurai style. Samurai Legends is published by DreamSky Ltd, which has been very successful in a large number of great games such as Star Legends, Dragon Legends, etc. This game is great for those who love Japanese Samurai or want to contemplate attacks, beautiful skill combos. This game has brought a whole new experience to players compared to previous versions of other titles.

Character System

At the beginning of the game, there will be 3 characters that have been defaulted and unlocked for players. You should carefully read each character’s information to make the appropriate choice. In the centre of the screen, it is the character simulation. On the right, it is the corresponding character selection. Also on the left side of the screen will be corresponding character information including name, character description, compatible weapons, attack skills, and concentrated power.
Each character will have its own strengths, and there are different ways of attacking. When you have made your selection, click on “Create” and type a name for your favourite character.
Samurai Legends will have a few minutes to introduce the player, you can skip this step by pressing “Skip”. This game is set in a village that has been invaded and destroyed by an evil force. Your task is to fight these enemies and bring peace to the village. You can have beautiful and powerful skills, which will help you defeat all the enemies.

Control Mechanism and Gameplay

In the beginning, the system will instruct you how to play the game. It is very simple, the information is displayed alternately to help players understand how to control the character and make the combo. Under the left side, there are the forward or backward control buttons. On the right, there will be the basic attack or the corresponding character skills. After using the skill, it will take a few seconds to heal. Your enemies will appear regularly throughout the way, from boxers to general. You need to quickly deal with the situation, using skills to defeat the enemy.
There is one more help for the player that you can use the spirit to repel the enemy, or you can also summon Lu-Shi to continue attacking enemies. The battle with any enemy will be displayed on the top of the screen, including the energy of your character and the opponent. With each win in Samurai Legends, you will be ranked at the star level and get certain experience points.
At the beginning of the next stage, you will receive a new skill that is using the spiritual feature by clicking on the corresponding icon in the top right corner. The meaning of this skill is that the player will be protected from the enemy for 30 seconds. You will not need to take any attacks or use any skill, which the soul guard will protect you. There are many stages, places for players to choose freely, complete the challenge of collecting a lot of money, items.

Features, tools

Samurai Legends have a lot of moving skills and others, which are combined together to create beautiful shots. Players can not only use the available features of the system, but also the ability to combine characters together. The players can combine power with each other.
In addition, armor and the accompanying weapons also help the character increase his power effectively. With each passing challenge and experience points, you will unlock new Samurai characters. After each game, you can choose to upgrade skills and distribute the skill for your character.

Graphics and sounds

Samurai Legends is designed on a unique, attractive 3D platform. Players will admire the special design in the scene, characters, costumes and attacks, the accompanying tactics. The lively sound and the background music are harmonious, which bring the more dramatic battle, showing the strength of the character. Samurai Legends will not disappoint you. It is offered for free at App Stores and Play Store so you guys download and play the game ringt now!


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