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Saint Seiya is a popular Japanese manga that was published in 1986 and has sold millions of copies worldwide. The story is translated into many languages in the world. Saint Seiya is about 5 Warriors are called ” Seinto” who are responsible for protecting the goddess Athena and fighting against the devil. Their battle revolves around Greek mythology with sea gods, Hades and many other powers.

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Over the years, Saint Seiya has been a popular game title in many respects. Especially, in-games, there are some versions of the game was released on PC and attracted the attention of the gaming community. There are no mobile versions of Saint Seiya in the world. But recently, Bandai has released their latest product based on this theme, titled Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy, promises a great experience for those who are fans of the manga. Let’s take a look at this new game.

The story of the Seinto

The idea of forming characters in Saint Seiya comes from the constellation of the zodiac. The main characters in the story are added to the names of the constellations they represent after becoming Seinto and receiving armor. With 88 constellations representing 88 saints, they will protect Athena against evil forces like Poseidon and Hades. There will be Dark Seinto, Dark Devils, and Devil’s minions also involved in the war, and the storyline of Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy is based on the original, added with a few extra elements. You will meet the familiar characters of Seinto.

About Gameplay

Bandai’s gameplay is based on the fundamentals of the Turn-based RPG game, with a six-member team that you have to manage. It is not going to be easy at first, players have to collect, unlock stronger duelists, complement their squad, and fight Dark Seintos from hostile forces. In battle mode, most characters will attack automatically due to the system setup, but you still need to manipulate the player to activate the character skills. Using the right character at the right time is one of the key points you can win.

Familiar RPG elements

As mentioned, Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy features elements of a mobile RPG. In the game, you can collect items, valuable materials after each pass and use them to strengthen, increase the index As for the character as well as upgrading skills, it will help you to increase the combat power. In addition to following the storyline, players can unlock new features and modes after reaching certain levels. Compete with other players through the Arena, join the Guild to build community and fight together with the terrible Boss.

Nice 3D graphics

Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy possesses beautiful 3D graphics with the familiar style Bandai often used for the games they released. The game is still maintaining the original, along with certain modifications to help the game get images suitable for the tastes of players in the present time. The characters in Saint Seiya are built in the same way with original characters and skills. The visual effects in the game are beautifully simulated.


Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy is a pioneering game for mobile games with Saint Seiya theme, if you ever know or a loyal fan of the manga, Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy is the perfect choice for you.


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