rush wars apk download

Rush Wars apk download

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Rush Wars is a new game from SuperCell. It is a fighting strategy style game that will test your strategy and fighting power while fighting. So you can say that the Rush Wars is a mix of Clash Royale and Clash of Clan games.
If you don’t know, Supercell is the developer behind popular titles like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. At the moment, Supercell has become one of the subsidiaries of giant Tencent.
According to the information described, Rush Wars is a casual game suitable for everyone, but there will be a certain depth and challenge for those who wish to compete at the top of the rankings.

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What is Rush Wars?

This is a fighting strategy game where players build their final attacking squad to raid the enemy’s gold mines. This is a multiplayer game, so you can join a group or start your own game with friends.
In Rush Wars, you will command an army, move on enemy gold mines, and protect a gold mine of your own. And it’s a simple RTS game. Accordingly, you will drop your soldiers, make battle plans, and make changes, add soldiers, and many other things to fight and win.
Of course, the troops you participate in making a huge difference, and that’s why you want to choose your army very carefully. The army you choose to use can greatly change the outcome of a battle. You will need to pay attention to the range and possible damage of your units, in addition to their movement speed and what they are most often targeted. And we have included the most important statistics for you below. Just keep in mind, stats will change as you upgrade your units!

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List of types of soldiers
Troopers, Pitcher, Shields, Tank, Bazooka, Bazooka, Hotshot, Jetpacks, Gorilla, Laser, Plumber Van, Rocket Truck, Sneaky Ninja, Boxer, Helipad, Henchmen, Blaze, Kung Fu.
Defenses will only be used when you defend your own gold mine, while the other types of soldiers we list will be relevant in all modes and you will have to be careful with how you use them. Including airdrops, you can start fighting or use to damage enemies or heal yourself mid-battle wounds.

Rush Wars apk download The content of this strategy game

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In terms of defense, you are building your own tower defense map. You set up an army of monsters, turrets, etc., then the player can try to get 1 to 3 stars depending on the depth of bases you receive. And because you don’t directly control the defenses of the game, players can try to destroy your gold mine even when you’re away.
You need to build a squad based on the specific challenges of the base you are fighting against. And then you put those limited units on a playing field. Then they will plunge into battle. You can then release a spell or some other action.
Rush Wars has you take turns building defenses and then building squads to attack other players. And there will be this type of attack/defense similar to the asynchronous play in Clash of Clans and Boom Beach of Supercell. The idea is to unlock the pieces over time to improve both your offensive and defensive power.

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The game also has different maps you can explore. The more you play, the more maps you have to unlock. You can also earn Free Boxes to unlock certain troops and defenses. If you’ve played any of Supercell’s games, the game will probably be quite familiar to you.
In Rush Wars APK, players will build an attack team to raid the enemy’s gold mines and become rich. The game will support both single and multiplayer players, allowing you to create your own squad or start with a friend. In addition, Rush Wars has loot boxes that can give players random new armies and resources for their squad. As often seen in mobile games, these will cost real money to buy.

Here are some experience, tips in this good strategy game for players.

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1. How to level up (lever) quickly?
When you enter the game and know how to play, you will want to level up and have access to more soldiers immediately.
But getting EXP is pretty hard in Rush Wars, and if you don’t use your resources wisely, you can spend more time to gain EXP. But we already have the information you need to get things done as quickly as possible, so read on for more information on leveling up in Rush Wars.
• Focus on upgrading
You will receive many experience points for the player when you upgrade your troops.
Finally, when you receive enough tokens for a unit, you will be able to upgrade them in exchange for a few coins. This will also give you a bunch of experiences, and quite a bit there.
That means upgrading your units and thus ensuring you have enough coins and cards to do so, should be your main goal in the game.
• Every stage counts
You also get EXP from winning on tournaments, although it will be quite difficult.
You only get one unique experience point for each star you earn in a round, so up to only three points for each win.
Luckily, you will still receive money for your victory, which is very important for upgrades and other things, so you will not lose bypassing some rounds.
• Pay attention to the Chests
The problem with the main rounds is to pay attention to those precious Chests because that is the source of your army card.
You will need keys to open chests, and unless you have diamonds (premium coins) to buy some, you will lose chests from battles.
You will still get chests from the timer on the main menu, but they are few and long to get. Because chests are important, they make you stronger in the game very quickly.

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2. Why should one get so much EXP?
So you need EXP to level up, that’s obvious, but why do you really need to level up in this game constantly? And your soldiers’ experience points are more important.
Accordingly, the level of soldiers is always very necessary, but your player level is a small factor, but it will affect your impact in the battle.
As for leveling up your players will allow you to open more things, helping you to open chests at the end of every more valuable battle.
Similarly, your own main building will allow more troops to be placed in it as your player level increases, meaning you will earn more gold and stars from successful defenses.

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3. Strategy for beginners
• Put Shield soldiers ahead
Shield soldiers are brave men who will be willing to risk their lives to advance. It can withstand a few hits before releasing the shield.
These defenders will take all damage, so it’s best to put them in front!
Basically, they will network amazingly effectively, paving the way for your stronger pieces before the enemy.
• There are 2 ways to go

Rush Wars Apk Download 3
A good rule of thumb is to take the less protected path first. You will want to place the troops here, and then take the remaining troops down the other path. Hopefully, they will be able to overcome the team’s roster along the way.
While combining all the soldiers may sound like a good idea because it allows for more concentrated damage, doing so also means that the explosive tank will probably kill them all at once, so don’t do that.
• Be careful because the red barrels may explode
Red barrels can be used to create an explosive chain reaction to damage enemies.
Red barrels can be used to trigger a sequence of chain explosions.
You can also drop certain airdrops on the battlefield, which is often a great way to eliminate any enemies as you approach them.
Just make sure to avoid getting your troops down the potentially explosive defense route.

Rush Wars is currently available on the App Store and Google Play in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. This is a free game with in-app purchases. Be quick to download and experience now!


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