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Rules of Survival is a survival game, which was developed and released by Netease, the game was released exclusively in China, but soon after realizing the potential of the game, Netease immediately released the global version of Rules of Survival with English language, support players around the world. With the Chinese version, the player will have difficulty choosing the way to log in, language differences. Now, with the Global version, all these obstacles will be completely removed. The Mod version of the game is also available on the website and you can download it right now.

Rules of Survival APK + OBB English Mod Money download Latest/Update for Android

PUBG’s appeal is the inspiration for hundreds of PUBG mobile game titles released on the Play Store, including quality games such as Knives Out and Millet Shootout: Battle Royale Mod. Today, we introduce you to a complete version of PUBG called Rules of Survival, which is considered to be the mobile copy of this game when it delivers the same gameplay and true 3D graphics.

A large map with many terrains

Your safe haven is no longer safe, Players will have to deal with poisonous gas dispersed everywhere, gun battle with the enemy and the pursuit to become the last survivor. Rules of Survival for Android brings a large map of up to 6.4×6.4km, enough for up to 120 players at the same time. The terrain in the game is also built with different continuous variations such as steppes, coastlines, hills, abandoned plants … to create the diversified gameplay. The player moves and selects the strategies that match each terrain they are in. This is also one of the key factors affecting the outcome of every game alongside the gun, armor and healing items.  In a sense, RoS is considered a “copy” by Fortnite or Battle Royale because of the similarity in gameplay.On the huge battlefield of 100 players, the map in the game has a large area and is also divided into several areas. The game challenges players with a variety of terrain types, from abandoned buildings, rivers, mountains or bushes … suitable for hiding and shooting long range or close combat.

Fair playing in each match.

Rules of Survival for Android simulates the whole of PUBG’s gameplay so that you will see the balance of the game. All players will be parachuted to a certain location on the map and begin to survive, each Player will be given the default weapons and as soon as they are on the ground. Their mission is to move constantly and look for items that are scattered and randomly distributed everywhere such as guns, bullets, helmets, ambulance boxes, and even cars.
Skill is the most important point for the player to win.

Various weapons and items

Rules of Survival provide a variety of weapons and equipment. With each weapon, every warrior can be customized for each item. Each weapon in the game has the ability to upgrade. You can add more support tools such as silencer, bullet upgrading, color correction … Generally, the items in the game are similar to PUBG version on PC.

Team fighting

In addition to the 1 vs 120 survival mode, Rules of Survival allows for team combat, in which teamwork is promoted. Each team will have two or four players (depending on which model you choose). If you kill as many players and survive to the end then you will receive more valuable rewards. With the play mode, it is suitable for those who want to play with friends, team building and co-op fighting are always a great challenge and experience for all players.

System Requirements

Rules of Survival is a high-quality graphics game, but the game content is very long. However, it is optimized very well and test quality carefully, so the game does not require too high configuration. But Rules of Survival always require an Internet connection to play. Besides, Rules of Survival also supports voice chat for the best gaming experience. We recommend you to use a headset.

Rules of Survival Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Infinity armor
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping

How to download?

To download the Latest version of Rules of Survival for Android, you guys just need to follow these steps.

  • Download Rules of Survival.APK and OBB.zip file from the given link below.
  • Enable Unknown Source installation on your Android device.
  • Install APK file
  • Unzip OBB file and copy “com.netease.chiji” folder to “android/obb
  • All done!

New features of the game:

Rules of Survival for Android v1.133051.136949

  • In the Fearless Fiord Solo mode, there are now two cargo planes carrying 150 people each.
  • Players can steal AUG guns from the supply.
  • Add chat channels by country.
  • Added option to enable/disable Vibration alert upon successful matchmaking in Settings.


Currently, the global version of Rules of Survival has been officially released on both Android and iOS platforms, you can download the game completely free with the link below that we provide. If you are looking for the perfect mobile PUBG experience, Rules of Survival mod APK download is a great choice for you.


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