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If you are looking for the traditional RPG old style game on PC, you should try Elemental Knights Online R on the mobile platform. The game was developed and released by Winlight Co., Ltd.-eko, Without high quality graphics, the game appeals to the player by its impressive gameplay and good mission system. Get Elemental Knights Online R Mod APK file for free at apkgalaxy right now. Have fun!

Download Elemental Knights R Mod APK English Latest/Updates

Elemental Knights R English version is a magical world of magic and special creatures. After three decades of sleeping, suddenly, the dragons woke up led the monster was also awake and grew exponentially. A wave of tragedy takes place everywhere and each nation begins to send its best knights to find the cause. On your journey, you will encounter many characters with different personalities to evil enemies. But nothing can stop you from solving the mystery behind the recent chaos. Our world is in danger and you are the last hope.

The game features three different classes, including the Fighter, the Wizard, and the Cleric Thief. This is just the basics because you will discover a more professional system to develop characters as you like. Elemental Knights Online R English is in the style of RPG games so far, so you will be introduced to the familiar quest pay system. In order to complete nearly 100 different tasks, you have to deal with hundreds of similar NPC and much more. Especially, the traits of their character will make your journey to save the world is becoming more and more poetic.

Elemental Knights R Mod Features (Latest/English):

  • Unlimited Gold/Diamonds
  • Multiple exp
  • Multiple damage
  • Full Unlocked

After overcoming the basic gameplay, there are features to keep players in the game, including setting up guilds of four or more to perform the action in the game using the symbol system. The touch or gesture is very individual and cute. The familiar pet system includes hedgehog, tiger, lion, dragon… Elemental Knights R graphics are built on the classic 2.5D platform of cute animation combined with impressive game effects, makes many people recall the J- Old style.

The latest Mod version of Elemental Knights R is also available on our website, you can download by the link below.


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