RPG Dragon Lapis

RPG Dragon Lapis – The immersive retro style game

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RPG Dragon Lapis – The immersive retro style game

RPG Dragon Lapis is a retro-style role-playing game where you will travel everywhere and complete quests, explore dungeons and defeat monsters to protect peace.


In the game, you will have to go from town to town to solve problems that often involve marching to dungeons and killing a big boss. Defeating monsters helps you gain experience in points and money, both of which can be used to make your character stronger. The previous achievements will increase your level, improve your stats and give you some valuable EP to spend on your job skills. The latter may be spent in the town to buy new items and equipment. The battle system is the usual turn-based work that EXE-Create uses in most of their games, right up to the self-timer that turns on the speed hanging at the top of the screen.

RPG Dragon Lapis

Retro style role-playing game

Legend has it that more than 100 years ago, a great battle took place between two dragons, one golden dragon and one silver dragon, where they were sealed. However, the real story begins centuries later when silver dragons wake up and attack a village on the northern border.

There, a royal knight named Lucas now serves as a guardian, after being sent to the remote countryside by the king. In fact, Lucas did not know that he was a descendant of the Alaric hero, who sealed the golden dragon and silver dragon in human form. However, when the tragedy happened, he quickly discovered the truth about himself and after forming a team with an unknown group of companions, began an adventure to save the world.

RPG Dragon Lapis

Intuitive controls

In RPG Dragon Lapis, you basically go from town to town to solve problems by exploring dungeons and killing bosses. Defeating monsters successfully will give you experience and money to improve the character’s strength.

Overall, RPG Dragon Lapis still has the concept of fighting like other role-playing games that are to defeat monsters, explore dungeons, fight giant bosses, and upgrade characters, but on retro graphics with The 16-bit heroes are very cute. If you’re looking for a classic role-playing game to entertain in your free time, don’t miss this interesting choice.

RPG Dragon Lapis

Upgrade characters

Most of the character’s stats will be obtained through an item called Growth Plates – Development Disc. These are discs filled with small buttons that are often connected to a specific career or weapon class. Each button will unlock an increase in stats, new abilities or a rank increase in a career. Each career has a set of weapons and equipment. When you upgrade your career class, your character’s appearance also changes during the battle.

The main feature of RPG Dragon Lapis

– Return to the heyday of RPG games.

– Intuitive controls and retro style graphics.

– Unlock the development disks to upgrade the character’s power.

– Change and master the task to use more possibilities.

– Many extra tasks and additional content.

– Challenging dungeons filled with dangerous opponents.

– Fight with multiple enemies and complete the Enemy Guild.

– Play Lottery to get powerful equipment.

– Change character appearance based on their career class.

– Great background music from composer for famous game – Ryuji Sasai.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kemco.execreate.lapis



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