Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RPG and War Strategy

Royal Revolt 2 – The Tower Defense sequel

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Royal Revolt 2 – The Tower Defense sequel

Welcome to Royal Revolt 2, Tower Defense COC is dedicated to conquering your strategic strategy, management, action and war skills. The famous Royal Revolt RPG game has come back with lots of magic and adventures and thrilling rushes.

Defend the kingdom in the arena, gradually discover and conquer the empire. If you like RPG Royal Revolt, you’ll love the clashes and tactics in this epic Tower Defense sequel. Royal Revolt 2 is a sequel to the Royal Revolt game released by the famous game company Flaregames.

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RPG and War Strategy

In this game, players will participate in battles to protect their castle and territory as well as build defensive mazes to stop the player’s footsteps. At the same time, you can also explore your friends’ kingdoms or conduct expeditions, attacking enemy nations to expand your territory.

The context of the Royal Revolt 2 can make players think of medieval times when a country is ruled by many warlords and everyone has a desire for their own power. You can choose only one of them, strengthen your power and gold to get closer to the throne or become a way of lining up others.

One of the remarkable points about this game is the graphic element. Characters, ramparts, battle scenes and other visual elements in the Royal Revolt 2 are clearly and clearly displayed with excellent 3D image quality. If you like the tower defense Royal Revolt, you’ll love this next epic MMO royale: new 3D graphics, simple touch to fight, and make the most of your hero’s ability from this game. Joining the royal family to conquer has never been so real! Build a legendary empire, join the strategy alliance and protect the golden throne.

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RPG and War Strategy

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense has some new mobile war RPG improvements:

– Choose king and give tool to builder guild to invulnerable fort build in royal.

– Develop strategies, empires, armies, spells, dragons, magic and villages with treasure rewards.

– Build and customize defensive classes and clash the sword with enemies in.

– Fight in the 3D world to become the true king.

Royal Revolt 2 stands out for its land and power wars in the turbulent kingdom. The game bears many similarities with the familiar empire game on mobile, such as Clash of Clans or Haypi Kingdom, in which the task of gamers is to choose military units, fight and build mazes. to trap the enemy. On the way to your fortress system, you can optionally create bends or dangerous traps to let your enemies fall.

You can fight and analyze strategies with alliance members and other players across the arena. Collect and upgrade magic, swords, armor and other items for the Empire’s archer, summon, monster or paladins. Thanks to the new MMO rTS, you can collect, use and upgrade powerful weapons rush, step firmly on the strategic path to the best. Increase the power of knights and with enemies in.

Take the soldiers of the Royale Paladins to conquer and defeat the competition in the PvP arena. Complete strategy strategy and create a strong alliance. Build empires to defeat opponents in RPG Tower Defense game. Defend the castle’s base in front of enemies and build a defensive network from the most elite soldiers. Build epic rush and get champion defense ability. Join many events, the empire joins the alliance to royale counter cashier or quickly increase tower defense strategy royale. Conquer with thousands of players in the world to rush to become the leader of the RR COC epic.

In addition to the characteristic defensive tactics, Royal Revolt 2 also extends the exploration and conquest of the kingdom of friends with the goal of overthrowing other kingdoms to expand its fortress and castle.

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RPG and War Strategy

Adding to the image quality is a unique game play that makes Royal Revolt 2 more attractive and attractive. As the head of the kingdom, you can develop your country by attacking other territories, stealing gold to build more farms, strongholds, labyrinths or upgrade, fortify the fortress. .

Even more interesting is that the enemy countries are other players, maybe even friends of the players themselves. One point to note is that, when your country is attacked, you will not be able to take any measures to defend. The only way is to prepare the best defense modes, walls and mazes. When the enemy cannot overcome the obstacles, your kingdom and gold are safe.




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