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Royal Blood is a new game developed by Gamevil (a famous game developer in Korea), which has officially launched on both Android and iOS platforms. It is available for free at As a MMORPG with action elements, Royal Blood (Mod APK) is also pretty much Gamevil in favor of using the Unity 5 graphics platform, making the game more appealing and engaging. The game requires Android version minimum 4.0 with 2Gb ram.

Royal Blood Mod Money APK + Data latest version

If you like experiencing new titles with fascinating gameplay and 3D AASD graphics then you can visit the link at the bottom of the article to download and experience the Royal Blood Mod APK right now.

Joining the other mobile game developers in Korea, Gamevil made a rather bold decision not to follow most of the MMORPGs on the market today. Royal Blood was created with the Unity 5 graphics platform and did not possess the Unreal Engine 4 platform, as most of the games recently released. With the ambition to bring players the same experience as playing a PC / Console game, Gamevil has invested a lot of resources in this product, with a large development team to more than 100 people, Surely the Royal Blood will bring the most impressive gaming experience for the player.

Key features of Royal Blood:

  • A new MMORPG with Unity 5 graphics platform.
  • Impressive gameplay.
  • Big map with abundant mission system, battle boss and win big prize
  • Choose the character of your liking, equip and upgrade weapons,
  • 3 different game modes.
  • The game requires an internet to connect to the publisher’s server.

It is known that Royal Blood uses the Gender Locked Class system, which is easy to understand, each character will be conducted to a particular job class and players will not be able to flexibly choose the gender of your character. However, the main factor is that the game has a little logic when you will not have to encounter baby characters, lovely but possess a layer of armor or extremely large HP. The context of the game is built in the medieval style combined with the elements of Fantasy to bring countless creatures are extremely bustling appearance, the lands are detailed to ensure the highest interaction.

In terms of gameplay, Royal Blood for Android possesses the most basic elements of a pure MMORPG. At first, players have to choose one of the two basic factions of the game and then choose their character. Each character is a different class with fighting style and different skill sets, depending on your play style you choose the correct. Royal Blood also allows players to customize some of the character’s appearance, to create their own character.

Royal Blood Mod APK possesses a charismatic and artistic storyline, as well as countless campaigns in the Campaign mode, in which players can follow this mode to get into the world of Royal Blood. Of course, after each game round, you will receive quite a lot of valuable reward. In addition, if you do not like PvE, still participate in the large arena in PvP mode to compete with other players, the reward is very amazing.

It is known that Royal Blood has been developed by Gamevil Beta in the Korean market and the global version has also officially launched, you can download Royal Blood APK + full data that we provide by link below.


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