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Root Browser is the new file manager app for Android rooted users. This application allows users to access, edit, change permissions of all system files on Android device.
In addition, the application allows you to copy, archive and extract the zip file, or delete and organize files or folders in your device. You can also check the reliability of *apk, *rar, *zip and *jar files…

Root Browser APK for Android

Managing files on your Android phone is very important. Especially with the phone already rooted
Like Root Explorer Pre, Root Browser provides most useful features that allow you easy to manage files in Android device. Root helps you unlock the full power of the device, there are many applications available that can help you do this, so we recommend you some good app: Baidu Root, iRoot

You can download the Root Browser APK file that we have provided, then install it normally, then you can use the application right now.

Key features of Root Browser:

  • Copy, archive, zip, tar
  • Sort the files by Type, alphabetically…
  • Check apk, rar, zip and jar files
  • Change the file’s permissions
  • Change or delete all directories
  • Support file sharing via email
  • Customize Theme
  • Display files via thumbnail type
  • Search the file in the device
  • Open the file using multiple applications
  • Add new file, new folder

If you need a simple, easy-to-use application to manage files on your Android device. Root Browser is one of the best choose that you should try.


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