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If you are a fan of simple entertainment to play in the free time, then you already know Voodoo – a developer with a series of games on the ball such as Fire Up!, Stack Jump … Recently, Voodoo has released the latest title, Rolly Vortex Game – with its simple gameplay revolving around balloons. But it is very addictive with bright graphics and challenging levels. The Rolly Vortex is definitely one of the best games that you should not miss. The mod removal ads are provided free of charge at our website, which you can download from the link below.

Rolly Vortex APK Latest version for Android/iOS

Like the previous Voodoo titles, the Rolly Vortex is easy to play but it dóe not mean that you can pass the game easily.
Just look at the start interface, we guess you will definitely understand how to play the Rolly Vortex, just touch the screen to move the ball, swipe left-right or up- down to change the direction of the movement and avoid the obstacles, which appear randomly. You can meet the thorn, the bar or the rotation … They can make the game over at any time.
Unlike previous games, the Rolly Vortex is not an endless game, there are points to the player must reach. When moving through it, you have completed a game and moved to a more difficult level.

Unlocked Subjects

Rolly Vortex by Voodoo will also have unlockable subjects to stimulate the player. There are more than 20 different types of shells, which can be unlocked and the change is the second goal for the player towards the side of completing. The screens, these balls generally change only in shape and color and it does not affect the outcome of the game.
Rolly Vortex Game by Voodoo currently has 45 different levels divided into three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.
If you can easily complete 15 levels at Easy or Medium, at the Hard level – it will not be simple, it is a nightmare with the number of obstacles appearing dense and high speed. In just one-hundredth of a second, you will have to play again.

In-game advertising

Ads in Voodoo games are really annoying and Rolly Vortex is no exception. You will often see ads appearing in the game. When you die in a certain game level, you can choose to play again or choose to watch ads to continue the game. This is a wise way to get players to watch the ad, you can also buy an IPA package in the game to remove the ads. They cost $ 0.99, but there is a trick to get rid of these ads that we want you to know, which is to turn off the network connection, then you can completely enjoy the game without any ads.

Game Evaluation

Despite the nuisances of the advertising, Rolly Vortex for Android is still the great game, with 45 different levels (maybe more in the future). Rolly Vortex brings challenges for players. It will take many hours to complete a level of the Rolly Vortex, but this is the addictive point of the game. Generally, Rolly Vortex is still worth a game that you should download and try today The mod version is available at apkgalaxy and can be downloaded for free right below.


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