Rolly Legs

Rolly Legs – Physics-based race!

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Rolly Legs – Physics-based race!

Rolly Legs for Android is a new arcade game from developer VOODOO, where players will participate in fun races with strange two-ball balls. Basically, you have the task of driving a foot-mounted robot ball to overcome all kinds of obstacles and reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Rolly Legs is a race of funny robots. With a very simple but also very fun gameplay, it will be a great choice if you want to find yourself a light and fast entertainment game. Make sure you have great moments with Rolly Legs.

Rolly Legs

With extremely simple gameplay, your only task is to use all of your ability, make good use of the terrain on the track to be able to bring your robot to the first destination in the middle race. You and 3 other players. When approaching a space on the track without any obstacle in the way, you must let the robot curl up like a ball to accelerate and overcome the opponent. And when encountering obstacles and want to overcome quickly, touch the screen to the feet of the robot appear. When you get close to your destination, you can use an umbrella to go further into the air and rise above it all.

The robots in Rolly Legs have countless shapes that you can unlock to change and use. However, in any shape these robots have the same abilities such as jumping, flying in the air, or rolling themselves down the slopes. And especially they have “infinity” durability that can’t be broken, so you can easily collide with obstacles.

Rolly LegsRolly Legs

The track in the game is also very diverse in terrain. In your race, there will be ramps, sections to jump to jump over to pass or walls that you have to break to keep moving and there are many other types of terrain for you to spread. experience.

The color of the track can also vary according to the level you achieve in the game. Although the game is not as simple as that, when you reach the destination you will be experiencing the jump to win additional rewards for jumping into the boxes on the track.

The graphics of Rolly Legs have extremely bright colors. The robots are extremely funny and cute design with countless changeable shapes to make the game more fun. The surface of the track is designed with two vertical colors to separate the lane for each player. The interface of the game is also extremely simple and anyone can understand and play.

Rolly Legs Rolly Legs

Key features of Rolly Legs:

– Simple but addictive gameplay.

– Many different challenging roads.

– Unlock new characters.

– Colorful funny graphics.


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