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Rokk for Android is the simplest and quickest way to transform your self-portraits into sparkling, funny, lovely or silly ones with attractive stickers. Download and use Rokk APK for Android for free, so do not be hesitated to install on the computer if you are a selfie fanatic.

Rokk – Face Swap Filters APK download latest

If you want to take photos just like a photographer using the camera of the phones, it is not difficult that you have professional photo editing applications such as Palette Summer for Android, Pictail – BlueHawaii, PinkMoon, Camera360 … Today we would like to introduce to readers a new one on this list. It’s Rokk for Android.

Rokk for Android is the product of Joyodream, a brand new camera sticker app. It works very nice to bring users the beautiful photo-taking application. If you want to be the best at home party, download and use Rokk for Android now. Rokk for Android brings an amazing set of stickers with special effects. After finishing the photo, users can share it with their friends on Snapchat.

The highlights of Rokk for Android

  • The animated mask, steampunk style, Cybernetics, Dj horseman or adorable cosmic explorer is for of you.
  • Add multi-genre, rap, karaoke, change voice …, even users can upload their own voice recording file and create a music video with it. The creativity in Rokk apk for Android is almost endless
  • Video acceleration or deceleration down to 4 times or more, then create a funny or horror clip.
  • Automatically enhance the image as smooth skin without configuration. You can own a unique photo with bold imprint
  • Share videos, images instantly on social networks for people to see your beauty.

With all the above features, Rokk for Android has proved to be a free but high-quality photo editing tools on the mobile. It provides a very cute sticker, a variety of funky, very cool …, to meet the needs of the selfie enchanted objects. Interested readers can download Rokk APK for Android for free at the click of a link below.


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