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Details about Rocket Sky! MOD APK

    Kwalee is a mong the longest sanding developers and publishers of mobile games and has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2014. As a developernd publisher of numerous  casual arcade games, the company has gained popularity in several countries. With huge hits like Draw It, Looper! And Go Fish! Just to name a few, Kwalee continues to provide simple and addictive games dor people who enjoy fast casual games that you can play even with the shortest free time to spare.

    Rocket Sky! Is a fun and unique game from Kwalee currently exclusivefor IOS and Android platforms. Rocket Sky! Is a new game where you launch rockets into outer space, shoot for as long of adistance as you can, and earn money fo doing so. You can upgrade your rocket for longer and longer expeditions, unlock new rockets, and even make it to new planent by going far enough.

    Rocket Sky!

    As a casual arcade game with easy controls and simple game mechanics, it’s definitely something that can be learned and enjoyed by players of various ages and expertise. Your goal in Rocket Sky! Is to reach as hight as you can to earn point, points you earn can be used to purchase various upgrades each with its own way of helping your earn more coins. Tapping and holding the screen launches your rocket and propel it higher and higher ang releasing it will stop the engine to cool it done. Continuously holding the screen will cause and overheat and letting the rocket overheat for along time will make your rocket explode.

    As Rocket Sky! Is a pretty easy game to learn given its controls and objecttives, anyone who plays it will definitely make progress in the game. There are no increasing challenges ahead as you only need to constantly break your own and other player’s records and reach greater heights one after amother.

    Rocket Sky! Is basically as simple as it comes and practically everyone can learn to play it after just one or a few runs of the game. With the smallest details on screen, thought, it is still likely that you will miss your focus on what matters most in the game as your eyes get caught on some attractive details. As you rocket continues to ascend higher and higher, you will see records of other players and eventually see your own current best record. While these scores do give you a concrete idea of where you stand as far as progression is concerned, constantly checking these scores out won’s actually do you any good.


    There are actually two bars on the rocket worth paying attention to. The blue bar on the left which indicate heat as it starts to turn red and the yellow bar at the right which tells you how much fuel you have. Of these two, though, you should only payclose attention to the temperature meter as this is the only thing in the game which can be controlled to a point that it affects your performance after each launch.

    On the first few launches, you will constantly see a warning above your rocket notifying you whenever the rocket is overheating. Later on, that notification will no longer be around but then your rocket coninues to glow red every time it overhearts. There are both helpful guides to prevent your rocket from exploding but the best way still, is to keep your attention on the red meter on the left side of the rocket.

    Every bit of money you earn on each launch is important as you will have to have to invest it continuously on various unique upgrades that will help you earn more money in return. Upgrading speed enables your rocket to ascend faster after launch and almost always guarantees beating your beating your previous record. Having more fuel naturally keeps your rocket flying longer and, along with speed, will also contribute to you reaching greater heights and consequently earning more money.

    Download Rocket Sky MOD to remove Ads and use Unlimited in-game money

    Each time you beat your previous record, you’ll get bonus dollars, so it literally pays to try and outdo yourself each time. The amount of extra dollars is low but it all adds up over time.

    Don’t let your engine get too hot: If you simply tap and hold the screen, you’ll burn your engine out before you even run out of fuel. Keep an eye on your engine’s heat and keep it beneath the black danger line and you’ll be fine.

    Upgrade your missiles to reach new heights, break records and discover new planets. Space is waiting for you! You have four different upgrade increases the maximum speed of your rocket, as well as the speed of acceleration from a dead stop. The fuel upgrade increases your fuel capacity,lengthening your run.

    Upgrade your speed to not only go longer distances per second, but to increase the distance that your fuel takes you. Upgrade the quantity of fuel in order to make every run last longer beforeyou run out of fuel. Upgrade your earnings to increase the amount of money that you earn for the distance that you fly.

    You can unlock new rockets and new planets not with money, but by going a specific distance. At 1300 point you will unlock your first new planet until 26000 points.

    Video ads played between plays can disorient some players and cause them to lose momentum, so there are quite a few people who dislike these ads. Don’t worry, if you’re distracted by video ads in the game, just turn off your Wi-Fi so you can play the game completely offline.

    Rocket Sky!

    Rocket Sky! features:

    Simple and addictive gameplay

    Numerous upgrades to keep you exploring

    Variety of planets and rockets to unlock

    Colourful 2D design


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