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Idle Poring is a mobile game based on the classic Ragnarok Online version of Gravity. The game will recreate the classic of the PC session from pictures, music, career systems, costumes of the character. You will experience the same character classes as the original system with more than 100 skills.

RO: Idle Poring Mod money/Unlimited Gold/Mod Damage/Free Shopping Download

When you are playing full auto games, which are not enough to satisfy your lazy characteristic, even when do not want to press the button to play games, Idle Poring is the perfect game for you. A few years ago, we had to spend money to buy hours of game titles such as World of Warcraft, paying $ 40 to $ 60 for exclusive games. Now everything is different. There are a lot of gamers willing to pay to recharge, buy the auto game, tap game to tap the screen. It seems like to play games but … lazy is gradually wading into the gaming community. Surely, many publishers have realized that and released many Idle games.

Idle game is a new genre appeared in recent years. Basically, as the name implies, in this game, the players will be completely idling because almost nothing to do that the players only look at the auto screen, even though they do not need to turn on the machine. It sounds funny! Why did the games so boring like this that some people still play it, even spend a lot of money to play?
For example, Idle Poring is a standard Idle game for the majority of Idle games today. It started with the brand name Ragnarok Online, which was famous in more than 20 countries, including France, America… After a long time, Ragnarok Online follows the other famous game to be released on Mobile but this time is in Idle game style.

A new Idle Poring Game

Developed by Indie Game Gravity, RO: Idle Poring Mod apk is claimed to be a copyrighted game from the publisher of Ragnarok in the past, which inherited most of the basic elements of the legendary online game – Ragnarok. Currently, RO: Idle Poring is available worldwide, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, and multi-lingual games for free with RO: Idle Poring mod version provided by apkgalaxy.

Idle Poring is developed in the direction of a Clicker game, focused primarily on auto-fighting and allows players to enjoy both gaming and personal gaming without having to focus on the process of the game. In addition, the game also supports offline mode, allowing your character to continue to fight and gain experience or even when you exit the game, so RO: Idle Poring is a game title, which is well suited for entertaining your free time without focusing too much on the competition element. But the later the game’s mission will be more difficult and you’ll need a bit of concentration to finish them.

About the Gameplay

When the players finish selecting the character and choosing the occupation (swordsman, archer and magus), the game immediately begins to fight. Right now, the player can turn off the computer or log out the game to play other games. When returned the game, the player recognizes that his character is still playing hard even if when the player is not online. You have to upgrade your skills, sell excesses, navigate the boss and … log out the game again. It sounds pretty silly, but it does not take a lot of work. It does not matter what your character did when the system and auto offline always work 24/24. Players will have more time to do other tasks. With the busy players, this game seems like an impossible game. Watching your character rise up from time to time, players do not need to play and can be offline all week without any worries.

While the gameplay is different from the original one on the PC, RO: Idle Poring still inherits almost all the elements of the Ragnarok Online, from graphics, sound, music, the background to the scene design and the Ragnarok-specific Rebirth system. Players will discover a new and familiar world when entering RO: Idle Poring mod money, with all the familiar elements from Ragnarok.

Not only that, RO: Idle Poring also has exclusive features for it mobile version like Idle Poring, Pet Exploration. The pet system of the game is very special with 6 pets on your own and sending 20 pets into your conquest. In general, the Pet’s RO: Idle Poring system is very versatile, allowing players to collect and bring these pets together to fight them, or dispatch them to perform other side missions to help you. More experience with value rewards. The game can also auto 24/7 – non-stop though it is offline, your character will continue to fight. “Play when you want and play the way you want to”.

Another interesting part of RO: Idle Poring is that the game uses a global server to connect everyone. You can fight or make friends from around the globe with RO: Idle Poring.

Key features of RO: Idle Poring Mod:

  • Download and play for free
  • Gameplay is simple and addictive, but difficult to win
  • Beautiful 3D graphics, characters are detailed and colorful
  • Diverse task system, lots of characters for you to unlock.
  • More than 20 kinds of animal support players during battle
  • Get global rankings, connect and play with other players around the world.

Time to download RO: Idle Poring now!

RO: Idle Poring is aimed at players who are busy. Most of them are fans of Ragnarok Online. But now, they have been working but still love the game. Idle Poring brings Ragnarok’s essence back to life on the phone. The game still has a boost system, skills, pet boost, forge, pearl and even fashion systems, so it is enough for a busy gamer. Today, sometimes, we do not have much time for childhood passions. The Idle game was born to meet your desire. Although the game looks boring, when you’re a busy person, games such as Idle Poring are really fun to play even in a long time. Idle Poring has fulfilled the role of an idle game with a simple, fast and multi features gameplay. In the future, there will be a lot of idle game titles appear and may become a new trend in the mobile gaming community.

RO: Idle Poring was launched worldwide with both versions for Android and iOS platforms. The game supports a variety of languages and is available free of charge with the printing system and app purchase. However, you can download RO: Idle Poring Mod APK that we provide below, with mod full money features, unlock all content and many other interesting features.


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