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Rival Kings is said as a tactical mobile game in the form of city development and turn-based battles, which is inspired by the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic III (Heroes 3). However, Rival Kings mod apk are refreshing due to the glittering full HD graphics and fine tuning controls that fit the touch screen of mobile users.

Game Rival Kings Mod APK latest for Android

When participating in this game, your main task is to control one or more heroes involved in the campaign arranged on the map, complete some goals and challenges to win. The activities in the game can be divided into three main areas: exploration, city building and fighting. Map of the Kingdom in the mobile game Rival Kings has divided into squares and each turn only limited movement, so you have to calculate your steps carefully.

On the other hand, players can find resources, treasure, magic artifacts, monsters, and even neutral but guarded fortresses. The maps with numerous details are the highlight of the Rival Kings. In general, most of your playtime will devote to embellishing your city with the options of building or upgrading existing buildings. Thanks to this work, you will have a significant source of income from the goldfields, call for stronger troops or even research the high magic to use his generals.

So you need to capture and build as many cities as possible, this is an important goal because owning more city make you more resources. The army is more numerous and easy to maneuver in multiple locations. On the map. After getting a good pair of soldiers, call out a hero to lead the troops to explore outside. At this time, the turn-by-turn encounters on the map are divided into hexagons, requiring players to think carefully about each move. Using heroes magic is just as important, a fireball thrown at the right time can decide which side is a victory of the battle.

You can see that Rival Kings mobile game requires players to balance everything. Because of focusing on upgrading the city and building troops, other resources on the map will be conquered by your enemy. If you do not want to fall, you have to move and manipulate intelligence on the big map. So if you are looking for a Heroes 3 transmitter on your phone, then this is definitely the best option for you.


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