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If you are passionate about 3D games with mythicize characters, you will love Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder. Now, Rise of Ragnarok is back with the mobile version, which attracts much more player and makes them unable to take their eyes off the beautiful 3D graphics game.
Therefore, Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder will quickly make the gamers love it. You can enjoy the feeling of mobile combat. At the present, to satisfy the needs of the players to experience the wonderful moment, Rise of Ragnarok was able to play officially on mobile.
Basically, Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder, this MMOARPG will bring the player a whole new experience. With the 3D design version, it makes the player feels real during the exploration.

Select Your Heroes and become the Adventure

With Rise of Ragnarok, players can choose your favorite heroes like Warrior, Assassin, Mage or Cleric to master the mysterious Egyptian land, conquer the dangerous Olympus Mountains.
In which, the player will have to collect the equipment in the lands to become more advantage and stronger. After fully equipped the character, the players will go through the most intense battles to become stronger. With Rise of Ragnarok, players will have Massive PvP to be able to fight enemies on the battlefield and reach the top of the ranking board to become an immortal hero.

At the beginning of the journey, the player will have to travel through Olympus peak and join the Qin Dynasty to find the equipment for the war. After you have all the equipment you need, you can fight the opponents to survive on the battlefield. With Rise of Ragnarok, what the player must do to win?

A story is rooted in a mysterious land surrounded by silent and dark mummies. Warriors want to survive and become heroes, they have to collect all the necessary equipment. Do not show the mercy for defeating opponents, as well as against the enemy on the other side of the battlefield.
To win the game and become the immortal hero, the player must overcome many challenges. Players must fight with many enemies scattered throughout the village map. In order to counter the enemies, the player must collect equipment to increase strength and power.

Why is Rise of Ragnarok so popular?

  • If you are a gamer who is fond of fighting games, Rise of Ragnarok will be a great choice. It can be said that the game attracts players not only by the convenience of mobile but also the improvement of the new version. 3D images make players feel like on the battlefield. They will have to do their best to be able to survive for the glory.
  • The gamers will be immersed in a true 3D graphics. They will be experiencing the new feeling when fighting a real battle.
  • Although the game has a sharp 3D graphics of each character, the download capacity is not much, which is suitable for the average configuration devices, so players are easily accessible.
  • The new version has been upgraded with more new features and improved techniques. The level of gameplay is not interrupted or encountered the error when running on the mobile operating system.
  • With different characters, playing modes and strategies, players can freely choose the character that they prefer to.
  • The game is on the mobile platform, so players can fully master their time and the playing place with only a phone with a Wifi connection. They can easily enter their fight to win the throne or become the immortal hero.


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