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Reborn of Fantasy for Android is a casual action RPG game with classic 3D graphics, which brings you to the beautiful Tyrande continent, being threatened by the Dragon. Your mission is to fight and bring the peace back to your hometown.

Reborn of Fantasy Mod APK for Android

Reborn of Fantasy for Android is based on the peaceful and prosperous Tyrande continent being attacked by the giant dragon princess and her dark army. The land is a safe and peaceful place but it is filled with monsters and zombies at the moment. Here, you and your close allies will fight and save the land.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given one of three main characters with different skill sets. Gunner has a long range and powerful damage, Mage possesses dangerous magic and Warrior is the durable and resilient warrior.

Join the battle in Reborn of Fantasy for Android, you have to be flexible in combining attacks, dodging and moving. The Reborn of Fantasy character system for Android is extremely varied, and you can recruit other warriors equipped with modern weapons alongside you to fight enemies. In addition, you can upgrade your weapons, equipment and skills by collecting as many ingredients to cope with the increasingly hostile forces.

Another attraction of Reborn of Fantasy for Android is the pet system. You can easily get rides the lovely pets in the game. Each type of pet has different fighting skills. You can upgrade your pet to become a trusted companion in any adventure. With high-quality 3D graphics, cute Chibi-style characters as well as seamless action sequences, Reborn of Fantasy for Android will be one of the great games you should not be ignored.


Key features of Reborn of Fantasy for Android:

High-quality 3D imagery

Sky, deserts, volcanoes, ice and other scenes with cool effects on cool 3D graphics will give you an unprecedented experience.

3 characters with special skills

Powerful warriors, agile shooters and sorcerers are the three characters you can choose from. Each character has his own personality and unique skills.

The fierce battle

Combining multiple tactics, controlling the war situation at any time, catch the opportunity, destroying the enemy, the bravest and the strongest one is you.

Extreme Fashion

Unique fashion, gorgeous wings, super cool personalized outfits, nicest hair collection…

 Cute pets.

The amount of lovely pets is extremely abundant. Different pet series have different fighting skills. Upgrade and change them into your trusted companion.

Team building

The new team mode allows you to search for companion friends to fight in tough battles.


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