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Real Guitar is a free music application for Android that simulates acoustic and electric guitars on your phone/tablet.

Real Guitar mod APK latest version for Android

By creating realistic sounds, Real Guitar for Android brings great music on your Android devices as well as the sound quality played on real guitar.
Besides, this game also offers a variety of sound with 3 different types of guitar, It’s acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and guitar with overdrive. Real Guitar for Android uses a multi-touch to play that makes it easy for users can play their music on Android devices.
Real Guitar mod apk has a huge database, the most realistic and user-friendly simulation of what you can find with a guitar, Along with great sound quality. Once you’re familiar with the gameplay, you can master your chords and Riffs as want. With this application, you can experience and create music anytime, anywhere.

The application has three game modes, including Easy Chords, Normal Chords and Solo. In addition, the software also has a recording mode that allows you to record music directly.  For example, users can record a song and then open it with Real Gitar Mod apk to play your recordings. Application supports 16 loops to play along.

Key Features of Real Guitar for Android:

  • Learn how to play the guitar on your Android device
  • Supports 3 types of guitar sounds
  • There are 3 different game modes for the user
  • Record your favorite songs and learn how to play on the guitar
  • Extract music into MIDI format
  • Compatible with many different types of phone screens with different resolutions


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