Rangers Of Oblivion 4

Rangers Of Oblivion 1.2.7 APK MOD

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Fighting With Monsters In “Rangers Of Oblivion”

Rangers Of Oblivion 4

Rangers of Oblivion is an impressive multiplayer online role-playing game where you can transform into knights or mages and battle giant monsters.
Rangers of Oblivion is an MMORPG based on the fantasy world where players can transform into knights, magicians and fight giant monsters. Basically, the gameplay of the game is quite similar to the titles of the game Monster Hunter.
Monsters roam everywhere, signaling the end of the approaching world. When the conflict states have no end, a great evil conspiracy in the dark has been formed and deployed. In this situation, a powerful hero has been summoned to protect Malheim and that person is you.

Rangers Of Oblivion 1.2.7 apk mod

There are dozens of different kinds of monsters available in Rangers of Oblivion, and besides new monsters will be constantly introduced and updated later. They can be hunted to bring the materials used in enchantment or to create new weapons and equip hunters to defeat them. Each type needs different tactics to defeat, so the game encourages you to form teams with players to work together to support each other’s weaknesses in the hunt.
Through completing quests and conquering various types of monsters, the player will receive a variety of rewards, help the character to level up, and unlock new gameplay content. All hunters have both the default attack and the character’s specific skills. By winning powerful bosses, players can also open many different weapons, of course the rareness is equivalent to the strength of the boss you face.

Rangers of Oblivion’s main features:

Rangers Of Oblivion 4

Hunt giant monsters
Form teams with other players or fight alone and kill hundreds of monsters and ferocious monsters. Explore Malheim’s diverse wilderness and face challenges along the way, whether you’re a new hunter or an experienced Ranger.

Rangers Of Oblivion 4
Move freely in the large world
Participate in a real-time battle with a free-viewing camera and explore the world of Rangers of Oblivion. Master six unique weapons: Greatsword, Lance, Longbow, Twin Blades, Staff and Armored Gauntlets. Hunt, kill slayers and monster loot to get more powerful equipment and destroy enemies that are more difficult.
New generation graphics background
Immerse yourself in the world of 3D fantasy designed with high detail in an ever-changing environment. Day/night cycle, weather system, tide, vegetation and even snowstorm together create a very lively world.

Conquer many game modes

Conquer a variety of different game modes to always challenge yourself. Test your fighting skills in Speed Hunt, rely on your survival instincts to complete the expedition in Expedition and explore the mysterious ancient treasures in The Lost Isle. More than 10 unique game modes available in Rangers of Oblivion are waiting for an elite Ranger like you.
Discover a rich world
Revive the story of a Malheim Ranger legend with lots of experience, not just hunting monsters. Catch wild horses, find hidden treasures, go fishing and cook exotic dishes are just some of the activities for you to explore.
Customize character appearance
Rangers of Oblivion offers countless creative options for you to customize your character. See how the character’s appearance changes from a young man to a master and getting better equipment. If you get bored, change the whole look with one of the many in-game outfits, from mischievous pirates to high-end assassins.


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