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Uploaded:January 13th, 2018
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QuickPic is the most popular photo management application for Android devices. QuickPic Galery is a photo management application on Android, users can use it to replace their current default photo gallery app on their devices. Full-screen mode and slide show with best picture quality, preview thumbnail clearly. Accelerate browsing of thousands of images, quickly find the photos you recently downloaded, no need to use background services. You can select or remove some folders to make searching more efficient. Easily hide photo and video files from the library, and even protect them with a password.

QuickPic Mod APK latest version for Android

The submenu also allows users to copy, move and delete photos, one-by-one or multi files. After selecting any photos, QuickPic also supports posting them to social networking services, attaching to email applications or transferring them to cloud services for backup. Additional features, often not found in photo browsers, are the ability to rotate photos as well as move them to the camera with just one touch.

Play standard video and GIF image files, smooth experience o the almost Android device: swipe to forward, touch once or twice to zoom the photo. Rotate, shrink, crop your photos, set the wallpaper with the best quality.
Many other file management features include: sorting, renaming, creating new folders, moving and copying images. All is free and does not include advertising.

Thanks to: hk3f from XDA Forum for this awesome mod

Mod info and changelog:

1. Background process :core/:bin/daemon/:service disabled.
2. CM cloud/rate_us/feedback item removed from slide menu.
3. CM cloud backup button in bottom menu bar removed.
4. “CM QuickPic” removed in the title bar.
5. Some permission requirements removed.
6. CM Cloud setting entry removed.
7. Add MOD appendix to Version Name.


  • Back up important image files before editing.
  • Hold 3s into the thumbnail to move/copy to another folder.
  • Enter multi-select mode to find group implementation.
  • Can not sync with Picasa or Facebook or other albums.
  • Can not display TIFF file.
  • Can not set wallpaper for lock screen by vendor’s own interface.
  • Unable to adjust external storage with Android Kitkat version.
  • Display 3D (MPO, JPS) images in 2D mode.

For HTC Users: You can not share an image via MMS anymore, HTC does not allow 3rd party applications to do this.


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