Quantum Special Attack

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NetEase is one of the world’s leading game developers with many popular games on the market. Recently, with two PUBG Mobile games, Knives Out (100 million downloads) and Rules of Survival (80 million downloads) after a short time, it has been ranking the brand of NetEase to a new level. Moreover, NetEase recently continues to release the great mobile game with PUBG style but added a bit of influence to the Fornite survival game called Quantum Special Attack.
Quantum Special Attack

Quantum Special Attack APK for Android 2019

Quantum Special Attack will have a different graphics than previous PUBG games. Players will experience colorful graphics and continue to survive the war on a large map with 100 players at the same time.
However, it is a little bit different that the player can pick up many ordinary items such as wood, stone, steel… from the environment to build simple buildings or barriers in the front of the enemy. Quantum Special Attack will be released on Android first, but we have to wait for the official release. It is only a home page with a user survey. If you know Chinese, you can visit HERE for more information as well as the latest news of the game.

This is the information about NetEase Quantum Special Attack. We hope that with the combination of the two famous survival brands, PUBG and Fornite, Quantum Special Attack will continue to bring great success right after launch on the mobile platform.

Quantum Special Attack key features:

  • A new version of PUGB on mobile
  • Survival gameplay is fascinating when you are fighting with other players and becoming the last survivor
  • Large map, support up to 100 players
  • Weapon system is diverse
  • Many ways to survive
  • Nice 3D graphics
  • Play with your friends in different game modes
  • Free to play


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  1. Andres delipe baron reyes May 1, 2018 in 2:48 am

    Este juego es muy bueno


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