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Puzzle Fighter is a mobile game that has been introduced by Capcom and released at the PAX West 2017 event, featuring the most familiar characters in the titles ever released by Capcom. The current game has been released worldwide and is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Puzzle Fighter APK download for Android

It can be said that Puzzle Fighter is a remake of Capcom’s 21-year-old game title Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, inheriting the best elements of the “elder brother” ahead. Puzzle Fighter is a fun combination of puzzle game of the legendary Tetris and the element of resistance featured in the game Fighting.

While possessing a jigsaw puzzle like Tetris, the mechanism of operation in Puzzle Fighter APK for Android has many differences that you should grasp. In each game, players must move and arrange the same colored blocks together, then use the corresponding colored blocks to detonate the blocks. The higher the damage, the more the number of blocks explodes in a single shot, while simultaneously creating obstacles on the opponent’s side, slowing down their rebounding ability.

In Puzzle Fighter, players can flexibly change their character’s skills, collect pieces through the items gained from the battle, and use them to recruit more characters or learning new skills. In addition, Puzzle Fighters also gives players a very plentiful and familiar character system, which you can easily find in most of the titles that Capcom has released, such as Ryu, Chun- Li in Street Fighters, Rockman X in Megaman, or even Dante in Devil May Cry.

Key features of Puzzle Fighter APK :

  • Nice 3D graphics
  • Combat gameplay and quiz puzzle fun
  • Hundreds of different characters
  • Global rankings
  • Connect to your social network account and share your achievements.

In terms of graphics, Puzzle Fighter is designed with character animation style is quite fun, the details on the body are simply leaving only the characteristics of each character only. You can easily hear the familiar sound when using that skill. Puzzle Fighter has two main modes of play: Online Match and Missions. Online Match allows players to match 1v1 together in a real-time PvP match, after winning certain matches you will be able to unlock new character spaces. Or you can choose the Missions mode to fight the machine, completing these missions will also bring you great rewards.

Puzzle Fighter APK is currently being perfected by Capcom and is widely available to players around the world. Free-2-Play game comes with in-app purchase system and is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, readers can access the link below to download the game.


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