Puzzle Dragons APK MOD 9

Puzzle Dragons APK MOD

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Puzzle Dragons 16.3.0 APK MOD

Puzzle Dragons APK MOD 9

Puzzle and Dragons is a match-three riddle diversion, expecting players to move and match hued circles orchestrated in a framework. The sum and sort of matches figure out which of the six beasts on the player’s group assault the influxes of foe beasts and how much harm they do. An extra layer of test is the obtaining, choice, and improvement of a group of beasts from among thousands extending from standard dream toll, to divinities from a few religions and legends and characters from prominent diversion establishments.

Puzzle Dragons APK MOD 9

The game is a blend of two sorts of interactivity: tile coordinating and a beast gathering RPG. Players make groups by picking from the more than 4000 distinct beasts they can obtain inside the diversion and after that play prisons where they fathom a tile-coordinating riddle that decides how their beasts’ assaults are on rushes of foe beasts.

Puzzle Dragons APK MOD 9

Here is the trailer of Puzzle & Dragons: https://youtu.be/vgZFZtG8rQM
The game is allowed to-play and financed by the closeout of in-diversion cash. It is a business accomplishment in Japan, where it was downloaded 32 million times by November 2014, and was discharged in other Asian nations just as in North America and numerous European nations. Absolute overall downloads outperformed 50 million by September 2015, and 62 million by October 2017. Puzzle and Dragons is the main versatile diversion in history to net $1 billion in income, in the long run netting $6 billion before the finish of 2017.

Puzzle Dragons APK MOD 9
Basically, the game starts with a small dragons representing one of the five natural elements including fire, wood, water, darkness, and light. After that, the player jumped straight into the dungeon and entered a confrontation with the beasts residing here.

Puzzle Dragons APK MOD 9

You only need to match three gems that match your dragons’s colors to attack other dragons. Additional quarterly combos of any color will help your character gain more power and strength than shooting one shot to kill the enemy. Besides, players can recover the health of characters when they are attacked by enemies using gemstones.

Puzzle Dragons APK MOD 9

Simple gameplay, charismatic storyline has made more and more people participate in this game. But when you play to a higher level, the complexity of the game is also increased. You will collect dragons’ eggs and they will accompany you on your next adventure. You can build your own fleet of 5 dragons to fight dungeons at higher levels and stronger dragons.
The important thing you have to note in this game is that the combination of dragons in your team is not only hobby choices but they play a huge role in your strategy. It will give players different advantages in some places and bring disadvantages in some other places. Therefore, collecting dragons is becoming increasingly important because it will greatly affect your combat. You have to know how to use these combinations to create an advantage for yourself.

Besides selecting and developing your dragon group according to tactics, each dragon has its own unique and specialized statistics. Some can heal wounds and increase their strength, some will help you be more resilient with enemy attacks that make it harder for you to destroy and some have more destructive attacks, help You quickly destroy other dragons. This increases the interest for players in approaching new dragons and offering a combination to create a powerful fleet.

The game allows you to create up to 5 different groups, saving you a lot of time to choose the right characters to combine with each other in each game. You may love this team more than a few other teams, but you should base your opponent on the fight to make a choice for yourself.

Another development direction for players is that instead of gathering lots of dragons and building multiple choices, you can focus on certain dragons and upgrade them to become stronger. From there, they will bring special skills, and when they enter the position of leader of your team, they will promote other advantages. For example, reducing the damage of certain attacks or adding attack power for a certain number of attacks or giving you more time to move.

This game is still a lot of interest because GungHo Entertainment regularly updates new dungeons and new developments for players. Besides, new events are also continuously updated, making players feel not bored with special dragons you can only play in the event.


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