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Puppy Town – Best Merge Game

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Puppy Town – Best Merge Game

Puppy Town opens up a world full of cuteness with cute puppies. Believe me, they can melt the hearts of anyone who loves animals.

Thanks to the simple idle gameplay, combined with cute style, Puppy Town has attracted more than 10 million downloads. You can also join Puppy Town, build yourself a town of thousands of puppies, make lots of money, attract residents and build it into the most livable planet on the planet.

Initially, your town was quite small and sparsely populated. But soon, the growth of Puppy Town residents will surprise you.

Puppy Town

Your task is to breed dogs to create new breeds. However, the breeding process does not follow a certain principle. Initially you will be provided Shiba Inu dog with a lovely appearance with golden fur. Shortly after, you merge two Shiba and you will create a Siberian Husky. Just like that, you get lots of new dog breeds.

Puppy Town also has an automatic breeding mode in real time. You just need to turn it on and wait for all the dogs to be assembled. However, if you don’t want the process to be interrupted, you can speed up by clicking the puppy icon at the bottom of the screen. The higher the dogs level, the more money they earn.

Although Puppy Town’s gameplay is somewhat repetitive. Turn around waiting for puppies to make money, get new dogs, merge them to breed higher-level puppies. But trust me, this game still has the appeal and high addictive potential!

Puppy TownPuppy Town

As mentioned above, Puppy Town always provides Shiba Inu dogs after a certain amount of time (when the icon at the bottom of the screen is filled). If you want to speed up this process to save time, you can buy the dogs straight from the store. There are many types of puppies with levels from low to high. Naturally, the price corresponds to what they can offer.

Besides waiting for your dogs to make money, completing daily tasks is another way of making money. There are 6 missions per day. They are listed and waiting for you to proceed. Each mission brings a great reward. You can select tasks by accessing them from the list in the upper right corner of the screen.

Try to complete the task before the end of the day. Because on a new day, old tasks will be removed and replaced with a new task list.

Completing daily tasks, unifying your puppy will give you experience. When the experience bar is filled up, you will level up and be able to unlock new kennels for puppies. That means you have more space to keep your puppy.

Puppy Town Puppy Town

Sometimes you’ll see, instead of giving you a new Shiba, Puppy Town will give you a gift box. These gift boxes appear randomly or you can get for free from the store after a few hours of play. No one can predict which gift boxes will bring any surprises. Don’t miss out, because you will probably get a rare dog!

Unlike other games, advertising is always annoying and makes players lose interest. Puppy Town cleverly combined ads to help players get more valuable rewards. Whenever you see ads, you double your rewards or get something for free. In particular, the first time you see the ad in the star section, the reward will be automatically merging the dog within 3 minutes. This is awesome, isn’t it?

Build and explore the cute city with your own adorable dogs. Shiba, Siberian Husky, Poodle and dozens of other dogs are waiting to be unlocked. Which of these do you like? And which species will be created when you merge the two Golden dogs? Please find the answer yourself!

Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.puppy.merge.town



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