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Bring the characteristics in a classic style, PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield is the first choice for gamers, who love PUBG games. Tencent has signed a contract with PUBG Corporation – a subsidiary of Bluehole – Korea to own modified versions of its PUBG titles in the Chinese market.

Download PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield APK for Android (English)

After that, the developer immediately launched two entirely new mobile games inspired by PUBG. They are called Thrilling Battlefield and Army Assault. Both products are based on the original PUBG graphics and play style. But there will still be basic differences between them.

About PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield

First, PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield was developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group. With a massive collection of 6 PC games, 10 web games and 6 mobile games, all designed to be trendy, full of entertainment and the leader in Tencent’s game store. With such a respectable performance, we can be assured of the quality of Thrilling Battlefield under the development of this studio.
PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield is not the same as Army Assault on gameplay. This game simulates almost perfect PC gameplay on PUBG while Army Assault focuses on sea battles. Let’s take a look at this game!

Extremely interesting gameplay

There is a point that players can easily realize that the play style of PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield almost identical to 100% with PC version.
Join the PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield players will still be immersed in the survival battle of up to 100 players together. In a 64km square map, you have to prevent the attack from other players, and to General equipment as well as guns, ammunition and ambulance.
Items in the game will be randomly released on the map, do not rush back to collect them as you may be within the reach a lot of other players. The use of vehicles moving is also a good way to escape from enemies, and you can also use them to stab yourself straight into other players. PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield allows players to make the most of being the last survivor of the war.

Graphics of the game:

Accordingly, PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield still based on the familiar Unreal Engine 4 technology, which is similar to the other PUBG mobile game, Army Assault – you can click here to find out more about this PUBG version. However, you can easily see the difference that PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield perfectly emulates the graphics of the PC version, makes the player feel like playing a PC version of PUBG right on their phone.
The game environment is very detailed with terrain types, and there is no breakage or jagged appearance in PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield – everything is very sharp and perfect.

Well-compatible with mobile devices

PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield will be released for free on both Android and iOS. If the iPhone or iPad can easily experience this game, then with the Android version you need to pay attention to the configuration. Your device should have at least 2 Gb ram with Android OS 5.0 or above, to run the game smoothly. Besides, as a game requires the stable network connection.


Although the game was released late and being threatened by other titles of the same genre, PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield will not need to worry about this because Bluehole (the father of PUBG on PC) announced that PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield, which is the official mobile version of PUBG with the same features as the perfect one. You will experience this fascinating survival battle today, just click on the link that we provide below to download.

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