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Uploaded: November 19th, 2017
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Project EX is a new mobile online game, which was developed based on the Unreal Engine 4 platform with a strategic and attractive combination.

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Project EX has an incredibly vast world, accompanied by a lot of challenging dungeons. The in-game world is extremely large, with many different classic style locations with the castle containing the NPC. Gamers can trade with each other, take on quests, check inventory, create guilds … Then they can go out of walls to farm creeps, do quests, collect items … or continue to move to the other places. There are many small towns scattered on the map, where gamers can pick up side quests and buy the necessary items. There will be a number of dungeons, in which the player is teleported to a separate dungeon and faces to the monsters as well as giant bosses. Players can do the same tasks with other players, but the difficulty will be changed depending on the number of people in it.

About Gameplay

Project EX uses a non-target game mode, in which gamers can perform battle combinations on their opponents. Gamers have to focus on two things. The first one is to control the main character, and the other is to control his soldiers in the right way under the RTS mode.

Character Classes

Project EX character classes have different fighting styles, but there is the similar thing like the offline version, is the exciting battle. In the game, you will choose one of the five characters classes with the task of leading your squad into the battle of uncompromising action. In fact, this game is similar to Kingdom Under Fire 2, which has the heroes and their own skills with excellent punching abilities to manage soldiers.

Download Project EX now! This game if totally free on Android and iOS.


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