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Project: Battle 0.100.98 APK download for Android

NetEase – a developer from China has launched a new test version of Project: Battle – a survival game that looks quite similar to Battle Royale or Fortnite. However, the gamers will have something new with more weapons and vehicles. Project: Battle is currently open for testing from 9:00 am, May 18 to 3:00 am, May 24, EDT time zone. Quickly download the game and become one of the first to play this cool game!

Project: Battle (Alpha Test) is a mobile game that combines survival, fierce gunfire, fast-paced, camouflage and exploration. The game brings you a whole new gaming experience. The context of the game takes place in the near future, as the development of technology has created memory cells, and humanity was being grown in another direction, the virtual quantum world. In which, there are a lot of problems between justice and evil, conservatism and radicalism. Which side will you choose? In the virtual quantum world, you can become the leader of the Celestial Wanderers, who represents justice and order or becomes a Zero, who is a top 1 hacker, step into the vivid story with the new special characters.

The heroes have a unique power, which is capable of controlling the Quantum Cube energy into different structures. In the game, you can create a 12 m high tower for defence and tactical advantage set traps to block the enemies and radars to detect enemy locations and more. Everything is under your control. Quantum Cube energy can easily be obtained in the quantum world by breaking up a lot of objects on the battlefield, such as refrigerators, streetlights, fences.

Hopefully, Project: Battle will give you a whole new experience. However, since it is in beta, it may have some bugs. Therefore, please send your feedback to the developer for the perfect official game.


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