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Recently, Paradox Interactive cooperated with Introversion Software to release Prison Architect: Mobile for Android and its gameplay trailer. Prison Architect: Mobile mod is a private prison construction and management simulation video game where players take control of buildings and run a prison. This is a very entertaining game with various contents and plenty of depth that will keep you busy for many, many hours.

Prison Architect: Mobile Mod APK latest for Android

In Prison Architect: Mobile, the player is responsible for controlling many things like building cells or facilities, recruiting staff including a warden, guards, workers, and more. Also, the player is in charge of finance, setting the schedule for the inmates and hiring the right person to help run the facility. Apart from those responsibilities, players have to arrange for the prison so that riots won’t happen.

At first, the players just manage a group of prisoners. Then, the prison will be expanded gradually, so they have to hire more guards to protect the safety. There will be many troubles they may get in when prisoners have requirements that needed to be satisfied. Therefore, they should maintain the order of the prison or else, strikes, fightings and prison breaks will happen.

In Prison Architect: Mobile mod, players will be guided step by step through the process of building and arranging the prison, including installing necessary facilities and adding essential items to the rooms, and so on. Then, players can invest in getting body armors for guards and start all categories of programs. When tapping on prisoners, they can see information and humanize them.

Main features of Prison Architect: Mobile for Android:

  • A highly detailed and deep strategy game.
  • Impressive depth of options to customize and build a prison.
  • Challenging game with tons of content.
  • Choose to play in Prison Stories mode to be guided step by step.
  • Build and manage a prison by constructing buildings, installing facilities, managing staff pay…
  • The interface is clear and won’t block views.
  • The somber theme with a cartoony look.
  • More features available as premium content.





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