Prince of Tennis: Rising Beat

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Recently, Japanese game developer, Akatsuki, has officially released its latest game product on the Google Play store and the App Store named Prince of Tennis: Rising Beat (新テニスの王子様). You will enjoy the exciting leisure time with one of the most popular sports today: Tennis in a completely unique way, Rhythm Action.

Prince of Tennis: Rising Beat APK English for Android/iOS

Prince of Tennis: Rising Beat based on the manga series by Konomi Takashi, which was adapted into a movie in 2006. The story revolves around the way to the success of Echizen Ryoma – a tennis genius. After winning four tennis tournaments in the US, he returned to Japan to join the Seigaku Academy, which is famous for Tennis. In which, he had to work hard to beat the elders as well as start conquering the tournament.

The plot of the Rising Beat game focuses mostly on the time when Echizen Ryoma and his teammates trained in the U-17 team. As per a sports series, when the game was first revealed, quite a lot of people were expecting an MMO Sports Game or RPG. However, this new mobile game is surprising as the Rhythmic Action.

Rising Beat possesses the same horizontal interface as other mobile games with music and rhythmic themes. In-game playlists are mostly selected from the TV show’s adaptations of the manga, with 60 songs. In particular, Rising Beta – the main theme of the game is also a song in this playlist.

Prince of Tennis: Rising Beat – Rhythm Action mobile game on Android

In addition to the familiar features, Rising Beat also gives players interesting game modes. The plot mode in the game will lead players to interact with various characters instead of just introducing some basic scripts like other titles. Besides, players can also unlock new songs through the main storyline in the game.

Moreover, the MySpace mode also allows players to earn gold to create, edit and decorate the living space for his lovely character. It is said that since the number of registered players exceeds the target of 300,000 people, all gamers who come to Rising Beat will receive the secret items accompanied by the amount of gold in the game.

Currently, Prince of Tennis: Rising Beat has allowed downloading on both Android and iOS. However, the servers are not yet open to welcome players. The exact opening times will only be announced by the developer via the official Twitter page of the game.


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