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Using a Launcher on Android devices, in general, this is one of the fun activities that millions of users love. If you are a regular user of this app, you should not forget to try the Postamp icon pack – one of the simple but beautifully packaged icons is being offered APK files for free at Apkgalaxy.

Postamp icon pack APK download for Android [Latest]

The beauty of Android is in its infinite customization. You will easily change the look, icon, logo… on Android. Even if your device is HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola… then you only need the Internet and Google Play Store. There are many ways to personalize your smartphone or tablet like changing wallpapers, ringing tones or adding new fonts, or setting a custom launcher. In that icon change is very fast and interesting, Postamp icon pack is one of the nice icon set, suitable for any launcher that you should try. On the overall design, the Postamp icon pack possesses a unique design inspired by paper stamps, which gives your device a completely new feel of the experience. The Postamp icon pack is full of icons system, along with many external applications such as Facebook, Instagram, popular games such as Candy Crush Saga or Hay Day

Key features of Postamp icon pack APK for Android:

  • More than 3500+ postage stamp themed icons are compatible with most of the current popular launchers.
  • Optional size of your icon, smooth and light operation.
  • Postamp icon pack comes with over 40 high quality and unique wallpapers
  • Dynamic Calendars.
  • An alternate emblem to emulate the postage stamp theme.
  • The resolution of the standard icon is 192x192px
  • Regularly update new icons
  • Users can send Premium icon requests to the developer

Note: You need to use a 3rd party launcher to apply this icon set to your Android device. The below is a list of launchers that Postamp supports, rest assured as it supports almost all.

Nova Launcher, Next Launcher, Apex Launcher, ADW Launcher, Arrow Launcher, Action Launcher, Solo Launcher, Xperia Home Launcher, Aviate Launcher, KK Launcher, Nine Launcher, Blur Launcher, Trebuchet Launcher, Unicon Launcher, Smart Launcher.

Postamp icon pack is a paid application on Google Play. You can buy it to support the developer, but if you want to try this icon pack is completely free, you can download Postamp icon pack APK follows the link below that we provide.


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