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Podcast Addict is full of a wide variety of functions that are not just well- well or recorded -displayed that it may be very helpful sometimes, this app has a not really good interface, especially as a result of UI that is clearly a little rough around the edges. Ignoring this it is among the most fully- search engines and featured podcast people you will get.

Podcast Addict APK download for Android

Podcast Addict can help you manage your sound and video podcast selection, in addition to RSS feeds, encouraging audiobooks, and YouTube programs. The app enables you to look for podcasts from several systems inside the application, for example, NPR BBC, TED Discussions, and CNN, or you can transfer podcasts via OPML files. You may also work with an integral SE to browse iTunes database and the Podcasts Fan holding thousands and thousands of podcasts.
You may also create and play your personal playlist of attacks, with continuous smooth playback. The audio player has numerous functions to create playlist easier, for example changing volume increasing play rate and stop missing.

Podcast Addict includes Android Wear, Stone (RIP), Android Auto, and Chromecast help alongside obtain preference settings, audio and video podcasts, widgets, styles, along with a much more. The software may look messy from time to time because it should, but everything inside it operates. This can be a good podcast application to test, particularly if you’re only a little short on income.


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