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The end of Pocketband

PocketBand Pro – Social DAW for Android is a professional music creation tool on mobile. This android application supports varied musical instruments and lets users interact with their friends in real time.

Download PocketBand Pro – Social DAW APK

PocketBand Pro – Social DAW APK helps users compile high-quality tracks by randomly repeating the rules of good segments, combining multiple instruments, drums, samplers, sound recorders, transducers, and chords. Apply Fx to many different channels and export them to mp3 or ringtone. In addition, users can record, listen to on multiple devices, mix, remix and collaborate with community members.

PocketBand Pro – Social DAW  uses cloud technology. Therefore, the user can proceed with the remote music processing.

Key features of PocketBand Pro – Social DAW for Android

  • Sampler device: Record or file available on music library, memory card, Dropbox…
  • Record: Import records from your music library or other installed music applications
  • 150 synthetic instruments
  • 40 drum stones
  • 100 MB of recording space
  • Up to 32 loops for each song
  • Support up to 16 channels for each loop
  • Requires stable network connection

PocketBand Pro – Social DAW for Android’s access procedure:

  • Google Account: Encourage the use of a Gmail account or use the application to confirm the information.
  • Network Access: Upload and download audio from the publisher’s server.
  • Storage: Save the file to a memory card to avoid full disk usage.
  • Hardware control: audio recording, micro, and recording, vibration control of the recorder when recording music.
  • Call: Read and confirm call status. The publishers control the device ID to prevent multiple accounts from being created on the same device. In addition, the model and the phone brand are also collected for error fix. Personal information, except for usernames, passwords, email addresses, is never collected.
  • System Tools modifies global system settings: Change ringtone and alarm, prevent phone from sleeping. A few desktops need this right to boot.

In general, PocketBand Pro – Social DAW is a professional music creation application for musicians, singers or anyone who loves singing on the computer. PocketBand Pro – Social DAW for Android now available on the Google Play for 9.41 $ but you can download it totally free at our website. Good luck!

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  1. Twilight Phantom June 24, 2018 in 2:22 pm

    I am hoping that Pocketband doe’s not end for me. Just as soon as I started getting good at it, Google will not have it. There must be a solution. What is it?

  2. Akeem Lucious July 26, 2018 in 8:11 am

    Google Playstore doesn’t have Pocketband Pro Social Daw for me to download for free. I paid 10.99 or 14.99 for the app on my Android when it was 1st available on Google. What happens to all of those songs I’ve made. I don’t remember my password or username for the app. Help please


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