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Pocket Legends for Android is one of the most popular multiplayer online simulation games on the mobile platform, which is featuring animated graphics, large game maps, Point-and-click gameplay, and system as well as abundant items. This new game has come out with a promising post named Pocket Legend Adventures.

Pocket Legends Adventures APK download latest version for Android

Pocket Legends for Android is a game developed from the very popular PC title, developed by Spacetime Studios. This is one of the most popular MMORPG with millions of downloads. The mobile version is also rated “Best Smartphone Game 2011”. In this game, instead of playing the warriors, the player will select the hero hawks, bears or elves to take on the mission of saving the world Alterra escape zombies, aliens and crocodiles.

Recently, Spacetime Studios, the independent developer and publisher in Texas, announced Pocket Legends Adventures, a multiplayer online simulation game for the iOS and Android platforms. With the creativity of the combat system, unique skill upgrades, endless character customization, and a single-player campaign. Pocket Legends Adventures promises to bring a whole new immersive experience to the mobile device.

“Seven years ago, we released one of the world’s first mobile MMO, Pocket Legends,” said Gary Gattis, CEO. “Today we are delighted to announce Pocket Legends Adventures, a game that will follow your brother’s lead with a plot that remains the same but adds new mechanics to the familiar scene.”

Like its predecessor, Pocket Legends Adventures also features indispensable community features in online games such as team building, chat channels, iconic expressions and fun action not inferior to the game. Other MMORPGs on PC. Players can fully experience the essential functions that an MMO needs.

The Key features of Pocket Legends Adventures – MMORPG for Android

  • Play for free on multiple devices (Android 2.2+).
  • Multiple game modes: Co-op, PvP, Solo.
  • Unlock and refine the character class.
  • A typical MMORPG.
  • Playable with WiFi, Edge, 3G or 4G network connections.
  • The world of large games (Semi-open) with different maps.
  • Point-and-click combat system.
  • 5 classes of characters to choose from.
  • Variety of items, items, skills.
  • The game is suitable for all ages.

In the land of Alterra full of disasters, Queen Elf needs your help to back the peace. The game offers three classes of characters including the Ursan, Avian and Elves with separate skill sets and stats.

In addition to the gameplay, Spacetime has significantly improved the graphics of Pocket Legends Adventures with a variety of tools and modern technology. The result has brought a new game today on mobile. The game possesses a simple gameplay style that allows players to manipulate more characters in their appearance, hair, dress, etc. Therefore, you can experiment with the characters according to their own preferences. Thanks to its simplicity of interface, unique character building and a diverse quest system, Pocket Legends Adventures is proving to be one of the most addictive role-playing games to date.

Pocket Legends Adventures Game Guideline:

Character class:

As mentioned above, Pocket Legends includes five classes of characters: Warrior, Enchantress, Archer, Paladin and Ranger (Paladin and Ranger are two new classes added in recent versions).

  • Archer: Avian warriors are elite birds, super-bright eyes, fast-moving, and possess many human-like elements. This class is a “master” of archery.
  • Enchantress: Classes with the appearance of the elves, mastering many awful spells and can receive ambulance or teammates.
  • Warrior: Ursan warriors are brave, powerful and powerful bears when attacking at close range. Ursan possesses weapons that are swords, axes and shields.
  • Paladins are rhinoceros that can withstand large damage and serve as combatants.
  • Ranger is a fast-moving fox, which can quickly knock opponent with two daggers.


Pocket Legends game map is divided into different dungeons. With each dungeon, the quests will be broken up into multiple quests.

Combo and skills

The skill combos in the game Pocket Legends Adventures APK are created by combining the skills of the characters. Each character class has its own combo and players can explore them using two continuous skills. In addition, the combo can also be created by combining various character classes and super combo (mega-combos) that will be activated when combining skills of 3 character classes at the same time.


The equipment will help you defeat enemies faster. They act as elements that create attacks, provide protective armour or increase damage for each attack. Warriors can be added to up to 50 items and you can spend more to buy more items. In addition, upgrading the equipment will also bring certain benefits. The main types of equipment include helmets, armour, shields, weapons (swords, axes, daggers, sticks …) and rings.

Shop in game

The strengths and rarity of the equipment are graded according to the colour: Gray (Trash – unusable or very low), White (Common – Orange – Uncommon – usually weapons or armour that increases damage), green (Rare – items with one or two bonus items to increase character stats), blue water Pink / Rose (Legendary, Rare, HP and Mana), and Elite (76+). When an enemy is destroyed, an Item will be Item Drop. Collect them to upgrade your character and equip your character.

Pocket Legends does not have the same graphics as Tera M, as there are no multiplayer-like characters in Age of Empires: World Domination. This game has always received enthusiastic support from the community of gamers, even considered one of the most worthy-playing games in 2015. Download Pocket Legends Adventures for Android and experience it right now.


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