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Playdead’s Inside 1.0.5 Full Walkthrough (Makers of LIMBO) 1080p HD

Playdead’s INSIDE is created by the developers of LIMBO, the platformer game has been popular in the mobile gaming market. Inheriting the elements from the previous one, INSIDE takes the player to a dark world, discovering and learning about the mystery here.

Playdead’s INSIDE APK Full Unlocked for Android

Since being released on console INSIDE has received many positive reviews from the gaming community and professional critics. It is still a dark, frightening scene, but instead of the monochromatic colors, Playdead’s INSIDE is favored by some other colors, but that also does not make the scene bright.

With 2.5D picture quality, it is simple and not too picky. However, Inside is highly rated by unique gameplay with a meaningful content plot. Join the game, you will be controlling a boy on the road to explore a monochrome and surreal world. Players can control their character by walking, running, swimming, climbing or using anything to pass the game. Inside is the most worthy titles in 2016.

The game begins with the boy sliding down a steep rock and strolling into a monstrous forest. After escaping from the bad guy with masks and hunting dogs, the boy entered the experimental area, where scientists were experimenting with vicious human trials. For those who love the genre of horror, this intro of Inside will surely create the irresistible charms. From here, you will begin the journey of danger and death. Using a helmet that controls the mind, the protagonist can manipulate living entities (used in experiments) to overcome the puzzles and challenges of the game. Like Limbo brothers, the story from Playdead’s INSIDE has no direct dialogue. The mysteries and many unresolved questions appear and surround you. The only key to accomplishing this game is the ability to evaluate, feel the situation, and even your ability to inspire.

However, even if you have all of these abilities, the death will still be something you have to face often. The main character will die a lot because the time is running out, being shot down by security guards, drowning in a flooded room without finding a way out, or even being hunted by floods. The horrible deaths and images of the dead bodies may cause you to become obsessed with the game.

As a traditional 2.5D platformer game, Inside’s story is entirely represented by the dark monochrome. Using brilliant lighting effects, the game developers have portrayed a surreal world of enormous vividness and depth. According to many experts, the use of such subtle lighting effects has created a brand and identity for Playdead products.
Playdead’s INSIDE is released on the Play Store as a free-2-play game in the first part of the game, and players can use a certain amount of money to unlock the entire game’s screen through the in-app purchase system. Players can download Playdead’s INSIDE full at the link below

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