Pixel Arena Online: Multiplayer Blocky Shooter

Uploaded: July 15th, 2017
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Pixel Arena Online is a unique action RPG shooter game launched on Android and iOS. Unlike the first or third normal first-person shooter game titles, Pixel Arena Online uses a top-down view, which allows the player to control the map easily. This also makes it easy for players to enjoy the atmosphere of the game without worrying about dizziness or eye strain if they stick with the game for hours.

Pixel Arena Online Mod APK download for Android

In the world of Pixel Arena Online, players will embody a character of their own and participate in thrilling network games. The only task is to kill opponents without friends or enemies to get your own highest score. You can also use bonuses to buy or upgrade guns for later games or to actively move to pick up random weapons that drop randomly in the map.

Pixel Arena Online throws players into an extremely chaotic arena with a series of very funny characters designed to shoot at each other. The interesting thing is the way to move. Using weapons in this game is extremely fun with the application of physics. For example, the fuel tanks in the game will explode and deal damage to any nearby enemies, so watch out for your position in the game.

Key features game:

  • Unique graphic and Addictive gameplay.
  • Play with your friends.
  • Many game modes allow players to experience.
  • Many different weapons, so you can upgrade and unlock new weapons when you get the reward

There are a variety of weapons available in the Pixel Arena Online mod apk, including basic guns like the Ak-47, the Gatling Gun, or various assault rifles and pistols to fiery weapons that fire off colorful lasers. You can change the guns in front of your screen or pick them up while playing. One of the most appreciated features in Pixel Arena Online is that you can control the different vehicles in this bloody arena, from the car to the enemy to the suicide type until a giant tank with full of weapons.

Besides Free To All mode, The only thing to do is to pick the guns and fight to the end. There are other interesting modes such as Pirates of the Crown that are updated every day. We bring you the latest mod version of Pixel Arena Online so you can download it right now. Have fun!


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