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Uploaded:September 5th, 2017
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Piece Out for Android is a puzzle game with simple but extremely intellectual and addictive gameplay. If you are looking for an entertaining game that will help you develop your mindset for solace at leisure, Piece Out for Android is the best choice.

Piece Out Mod APK latest for Android (Unlocked)

Get a little brain exercise with our unique Piece Out puzzle game for Android, where you’ll find fatigue, stress relief, and much more flexible mind. Piece Out has very simple gameplay. Players only need to flip, slide and rotate the blocks then put it in the right place to match their colors and shapes.

Piece Out is a creative geometric puzzle game created by the intellectual game publisher of Duet game for Android and Basket Fale.

Gaming rules are extremely easy to understand: Slide to move, touch to flip, or rotate the image to the right angles. However, it is also difficult. The very easy startup screen will only help you familiarize with how to play. The higher the level, the more difficult the game is. Specifically, the number of images pieces will be increased from 1 to 3 and higher. Moving many different blocks in a confined space has never been easier. You have to think logically, select the rotation, transfer position is reasonable to look forward to level up.

Game Piece Out Mod has over 700 beautifully shaped puzzle pieces, ready to challenge your mind and is waiting for you to conquer.

Key features of the game:

  • Simple but challenging, addictive gameplay.
  • Over 700 different puzzles with increasing levels of challenge
  • Impressive, colorful graphics.
  • Sounds vibrant and stimulates intelligence.
  • Share your achievements with friends through rankings

Changes in the new version of the puzzle game Piece Out for Android

  • Bug fixes
  • New contents added

Piece Out for Android is a great game for weekend entertainment. Let’s relax with absolutely no time limit, zero pressure. Programmers only want players to train the flexibility of their brain and their color blocks. Therefore, the game is always available when the player has difficulty in each puzzle. Take advantage of it when necessary to conquer Piece Out mod apk as fast as possible.


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