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Pictail – ScrewDriver APK is a nice photo filter in JP Brothers’ co-branded photo filters. ScrewDriver is an orange-flavored cocktail that had been appeared since American workers in the Iranian oil field mixed vodka and orange juice. Today, it has become a popular drink that is good for health and possesses a striking yellowish appearance.

Pictail – ScrewDriver APK (Paid) latest for Android

JP Brothers have put that yellow on the Pictail – ScrewDriver image filter, making your photos attractive and sweet. Pictail – ScrewDriver is a part of the stunning Pictail colour camera app. In addition, you can try to add other colour filters like Pink in Pink, Pink Lady, Pictail-Green, Mojito or Pictail LimitedEdition. These applications will give you a photo or video with the sweet characteristic as a cocktail cup. Pictail is easy to use and can be applied to selfie, normal shots or even video.

Highlights of Pictail ScrewDriver application for Android:

  • Real-time photo beauty for the selfie photos.
  • High-resolution camera.
  • Unlimited video with the Pictail filter.
  • Take a picture or record video full screen, 3: 4, 1: 1 camera.
  • Edit photos from your library with the Pictail filter.
  • Allow access right
  • Camera: Allows taking pictures and video.
  • Mic: Record sound when recording video.
  • Collection: To save and manage photos, videos.
  • Location: Allows you to add a location to photo details.
  • Applications support English, Japanese, Thailand, Korean.

This app was offered totally free at apkgalaxy.co. Have fun!


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