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Pictail – RETRO for Android is a gorgeous retro style photo filter from JP Brothers. Pictail – RETRO supports for Android 4.0.3 and above. It is currently available for only $ 1.49 on the Google Play Store. However, you can download Pictail – RETRO APK for free at our website.

Pictail – RETRO APK download update for Android (Paid app)

Thanks to the smart phone invention, you do not have to spend much money to buy expensive cameras to satisfy your passion for photography. Just a camera phone with a simple photo-editing application, you can create as many beautiful pictures as possible with professional photographers. It’s easy to find hundreds of such apps on Google Play. However, most of them have similar functions and are not so prominent. If you want to have anything different, you do not hesitate to try Pictail – RETRO for Android.

Pictail is JP Morgan’s recent cocktail-themed camera app. Compared to the Palette series, its image filtering, orthography effects are very impressive. If you have ever fallen in love with the cool colors of Pictail – BlueHawaii for Android then definitely not forget to miss Pictail – RETRO for Android.

Download Pictail – RETRO APK for Android, users can take pictures and record clips with the sweet filter like a wine glass. This is a great option for selfie followers, videographers and landscape photographers. Pictail Retro allows users to edit photos and videos with over 20 different color filters, giving them a sweet feel like a cocktail on each of your creations. Especially, real-time customizations can be applied.

Key Features of Pictail – RETRO APK for Android

  • Apply beauty real-time effects for great selfie pics
  • High-resolution camera
  • Video recording is not limited to the Pictail filter
  • The application contains over 20 beautiful image filters
  • Pictail – RETRO allows applying filters directly when recording
  • Support for full screen or 3: 4, 1: 1 camera
  • Edit images from the album with the Pictail – RETRO filter for Android

Pictail – RETRO for Android requires access permissions:

  • Camera phone
  • Video recording Micro
  • Library for saving and managing photos and videos
  • Location to add a place to the photo information

Change in the new version of Pictail – RETRO for Android

  • Added new filters
  • Bug fixed

In general, Pictail – RETRO for Android is a beautiful photo and video capture application on your smartphone. Just download Pictail – RETRO apk with the link below. Installing it completely free, you already own 20 different color filters, the application brings a fresh feeling, sweet, romantic as a cocktail on each of your work. The best thing, they can be applied immediately to the art effects in real time. If you are a photo enthusiast then this is a good application that you should not miss.


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