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Pictail – Rainbow is a gorgeous rainbow-picture filter in the JP Brother pictail filter application series. The application will create brightly colored shades on your photo, whether it’s self-shots, casual shots or videos. This is one of the nicest and most interesting photo filter applications you should try.

Download Pictail – Rainbow APK latest (Paid)

If you are the one who likes to take a photo and love using filters that support the beautiful photography, then the Image filters in the Pictail series are one of the great options. If Pictail – Pink Lady is the romantic pink filter, Pictail – Screwdriver makes hot summer colors, Pictail – Rainbow will create a rainbow filter with many different colors, which makes your photo more impressive.

Pictail – Rainbow APK supports the camera of the Android phone to capture the highest resolutions, allowing users to produce crisp, sharp images and get the desired color. You can use Pictail – Rainbow when taking selfie pictures, snaps, drinks or even for video, apply filters directly to images to see the results.

The filters with the cool color tone from Pictail, you can take your own photos or video with the highest resolution and have the best photos to share to Facebook, Instagram … The pictail application is quite easy to use in video and image editing.

Pictail – Rainbow does not focus much on developing a wide range of features. The application only allows you to use filters on your images, but the results are impressive. Besides, The interface is simple and easy to use, you can download Pictail – Rainbow APK for free at APKGalaxy.CO.

Key Features of the application Pictail – Rainbow:

  • Real-time for selfie photos or video.
  • Supports capture from high-resolution camera.
  • Using different photo filters on the same photo.
  • The unlimited video for the Pictail filter.
  • Take a picture or video full screen or a 3: 4 ratio, 1: 1 ratio.
  • Edit photos from the album using the Pictail filters.
  • Easily saving to phone memory or share your photos to social networks.

Access requirement for the app:

  • Camera: Allows shooting and filming.
  • Mic: Right for video recording.
  • Gallery: Enables saving and managing photos and videos.
  • Location: Allows adding location information to image details.
  • The application supports languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Thailand.

Pictail – Rainbow APK is a part of the JP Brothers developer’s cocktail-themed camera app, which helps you create sweet videos like cocktails. Pictail applications are easy to use, suitable for every user, You just pay for $ 1.99 to download on the Google Play Store. However, if you do not want to buy them, it is easy to download Pictail – Rainbow APK for free at our website.


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