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Pictail – PinkLady is the pinnacle camera app for your photos, one of the most popular Pictail applications on the Play Store. The application is suitable for selfie photos, normal shots and even when shooting video, which helping each moment to bring sweet beauty and romance.

Pictail – PinkLady APK latest for Android

Pictail – PinkLady APK is a paid application, it costs $ 1.99 on the app store, but you can easily install it and use it for free at our website.

Find out what this application can do. Pictail – PinkLady is a beautiful photography application for pink-girls and for those who love sweet, romantic and young. With a variety of cocktail themes, Pictail allows users to take photos and videos with unique and romantic photo filters like cocktails. This application is very easy to use, suitable for selfie photography, video recording and landscape capturing.

In addition to Picktail, if you want to discover more sweet pink photo filters, you can download the PinkMoon app. This application contains flamingos of pink flamingos, giving a beautiful, natural color.

The application works extremely simple to use, after installing Pictail – PinkLady, you just open the application, select the camera button to start shooting,  which will display the options that allow you to apply the filter directly to your photos. You can see the changes in real time when selecting different filters. After selecting the appropriate filter, click to take a picture immediately.

Key Features of the application:

  • Beauty in real time for selfie pics.
  • Support for the high-resolution camera.
  • Unlimited video with the Pictail filter.
  • Capture or record video full screen, 3: 4, 1: 1 ratio.
  • Edit photos from album using the Pictail filter.
  • Apply filters for both photography and video capture. Suitable for both selfie photography, landscape photos. Create beautiful real-time photographs.

The application access permission requirements:

  • Camera: Allows taking pictures, filming.
  • Mic: Allows video recording.
  • Photo Gallery: Allows saving and managing photos, videos.
  • Location: Allows adding location information to image details.
  • The application supports languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Thailand.

New features in version 1.2

  • 1 more selfie filter.
  • Fix technical errors and increase stability.

Pictail – PinkLady is exactly what it is! Which gives you a pink-based image filter that makes your photo look more romantic. Download Pictail – PinkLady APK for free at APKgalaxy.co


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