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Pictail – LimitedEdition for Android is a gorgeous photo filter, performing a passionate, cocktail-flavored cocktail style. On the launch event, Pictail – LimitedEdition for Android is now available for free. So, you should not miss this opportunity.

This summer, you must have a lot of plans to travel and relax on the beaches or explore new areas or any other interesting places in the country.

Today, thanks to the introduction of smartphones’ camera, we do not need large digital cameras or camcorders. You can take beautiful pictures with your own mobile. However, if you want to add shimmering, artistic artwork as a professional photographer, you’ll need the help of unique camera filters like Pictail – LimitedEdition APK for Android.

PICTAIL – LimitedEdition APK latest (Paid app)

Pictail is no stranger to selfie fans. It is a beautiful photo editing application that takes the priority theme of cocktails. If you have ever loved Pictail’s BlueHawaii for Android then you will love the natural color filter, the premium edition of Pictail – LimitedEdition for Android.

This application not only captures beautiful images but also has the ability to record videos incorporating sweet filters such as a glass of fresh fruit wine in real time. Pictail – LimitedEdition APK for Android is easy to use whenever you want to capture selfie pictures, record clips or take scenery pictures.

Key Features of Pictail – LimitedEdition for Android

  • Beautiful selfie photo in real time
  • High-resolution camera
  • Video recording with the Pictail filter
  • Support for full screen or 3: 4, 1: 1 camera
  • Edit photos from albums with the Pictail filter
  • Camera for taking pictures and video
  • Mic to shoot video
  • Library: Save and manage photos, videos
  • Location: Add a place and image details

As you can see, Pictail – LimitedEdition for Android is not difficult to use. It allows users to take photos and videos with 15 limited edition color filters and 20 beautiful photo filters in real time, bringing the “sweet flavor” of the cocktail to each artwork. This is definitely a product that any selfie devotee that you should not miss.


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