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Uploaded: November 7th, 2017
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Pictail – Jung Bug for Android is a high-quality cold colour photo filter, which is bringing a fresh, youthful appearance to every scene. Pictail – Jung Bug APK download is the latest addition to the popular JPMorgan’s Pictail camera family.

Pictail – Jung Bug APK download latest version for Android [Paid App]

Referring to JP Brothers, if you are a photography enthusiast, you will definitely think of the camera series of the Pictail sweet cocktail theme. This is one of the most popular series of photo editing applications, which are the most popular technology from Korea by multi-tone filter. Notable names include Pictail – Cykik, Citadel ScrewDriver, Pictail PinkLady for Android … and the latest Pictail – Jung Bug for Android.

If these applications focus on one color, the Pictail – Jung Bug APK app for Android is more diverse. It is about cold tones with filters that are filled with sunlight. Pictail – Jung Bug is easy to use, especially suitable for the self-shooting and video shooting. The highlight of this photo editing tool is to support users to apply filters in real time and change their level as desired. As a result, users can easily create masterpieces of personal art without having to spend time editing.

Key Features of Bug – Jung Bug for Android:

  • Beautiful self-portrait photo taking in real time.
  • High-resolution camera
  • Video recording is unlimited with the Pictail filter.
  • The camera supports full screen or 3: 4, 1: 1 aspect ratio.
  • Edit photos from album using the Pictail filter
  • Pictail – Jung Bug for Android requires access permissions:
  • Camera phone for capturing and recording video
  • Microphone to record video.
  • Media library for saving and managing photos, videos
  • Position to add location information to photo details

Just Download Pictail – Jung Bug APK now!

If you love nature, like the warmth of the sun, Pictail – Jung Bug APK for Android is the best ideal. It has the same usage as other normal photo editing applications. The interface is simple and extremely easy to control. The user simply touches the large round button to capture or take pictures. If you want to apply the effect in real time, you just open the filter and select the favorite effect, then press the center button. Pictail – Jung Bug for Android now available on the Play Store for only 1.32$.


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