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Pictail – Cykik for Android is a nice photo-editing application, which is similar to Kirakira + for iOS, is hurting on the Apple Store. Pictail – Cykik APK for Android adds sparkling effects that transform every photo or video into ever more sparkling.

Pictail – Cykik APK download [Paid App] Latest/update

Pictail – Cykik APK app is the latest photo editing tool in the popular PictBoy camera family of JP Brothers. With this application, users can take photos, record video with the sweet filter as a glass of summer fruit wine. Pictail – Tikky for Android is easy to use and especially suitable for taking selfie pictures, landscapes or recording every special moment in the life.

The highlight and difference of the Pictail – Cykik for Android compared to the previous version, JP Brothers added the effect of natural sparkle like the “sparkle” Kirakira + for iOS, which makes famous people, makeup experts, fashion bloggers … crazy. Now, Android users do not have to envy the people anymore because they have Pictail – Cykik APK for Android to add this beautiful effect to all the pictures for free.

Key Features Pictail – Cykik:

  • Beautiful self-portrait photo taking in real time
  • High-resolution camera
  • Video recording is unlimited with the Pictail filter.
  • Supporting your entire camera, or at a 3: 4, 1: 1 aspect ratio.
  • Edit photos from album using the Pictail filter.

Pictail – Cykik for Android requires access authority:

  • Camera: Capturing and recording authority.
  • Mic: Right to record clips
  • Library: The right to save and manage photos, videos
  • Placement: The right to add location information to image details.

Although it has not existed a long time ago on Play Store, Pictail – Cykik for Android has received positive feedback from users with 4.2 stars. This is a perfect copy of Kirakira +. The effect of sparkling nature makes objects, scenes, especially night shots become lively, charming and more soulful. If you are an avid photographer, this is definitely an indispensable photo filter application on your smartphone. Readers may click the link below to download Pictail – Cykik APK for Android for free on the Play Store.


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