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Uploaded:November 23rd, 2017
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Phantom Chaser is a fantastic mobile game that was released on Android and IOS platforms, Phantom Chaser Mod APK for free on our website. You can install the game for free now.

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Accordingly, Phantom Chaser is a strategic simulation mobile game, developed by Korea’s independent game company Floppy Games. The game features an exciting storyline of characters called phantoms from a variety of cultures around the world designed in an anime style. In addition, the 3D graphics quality of the game is considered one of the best graphics mobile games today, with many rewards at the international game exhibition.

A Fictional story

Phantom Chaser is set in a fictional world of diverse characters (Phantom) in Eastern and Western culture, with over 130 different phantoms. The game takes the player to a fantasy world where demons are planning to summon the Lord of Destruction back to slaughter the human world through Space Fury. Players have the task of summoning soldiers from various parts of the world to join forces to prevent demons. While the Monsters have successfully persuaded the Black Knights, and successfully negotiated with the Elves and summoning a lot of monsters to the world; the Royal Society of Royal Masters must find a way to partner with other of organizations and in particular to quickly find a person to unify all Hunters in the world to stop this plot.

With over 130 different Phantoms and features from many different cultures around the world, players can meet familiar names through ancient moves such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Succubus of the West, Spirit Anubis of Greek civilization; or even the Great nine-tailed Fox of Chinese legend… They are recalling in anime style.

Beautiful graphics

The first thing that players can feel about the game is the crisp and impressive 3D graphics. The graphics quality of the Phantom Chaser has been proven. It won the “Best Graphics” Award in the Korean Unity Prize in 2017. The developer of Floppy Games has done a fantastic job of building each ghost character in the game.

Creative gameplay

The Phantom Chaser’s play style is also a breakthrough. The game allows the player to control character freely, even moving from melee to long range, or focusing on attacking the target, which is flexible and new. Phantom is also divided into three specific roles: Melee, Mid-ranger, and Long-ranger. Players will discover the storyline of the game after overcoming the obstacles and collect more ingredients to help your Phantoms get stronger.

Floppy Games developer is also keen on encouraging the player’s strategy to unlimited through simulation Mode (Mimicing). The simulated ghosts will appear under your character but they are capable of performing any simulation skills that you do not possess. This mode enriches the gameplay by providing unique abilities to overcome all challenges.

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Phantom Chaser is available in mod version. You can download the game completely free with supported languages: English, German, French, Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean.


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