Peace, Death!

Uploaded: January 5th, 2018
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Category : Puzzle

Peace, Death! is a puzzle game created by Azamatika on a mobile platform, which has just released, will tell you how The Death’s job is.

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Peace, Death! has the quite interesting plot, which the player plays the role of an unemployed Reaper and a job to earn extra income. The game starts when the Reaper decides to take a job at the Apocalypse Company, where to check to bring “customers” to where they belong to.
Here, you will make the decision for the “customer”. If they are the human, they are going to go to the Heaven. If they are the devils, they will go to Hell. But they will not simply rely on their appearance. When you pass through many levels, the difficulty of the game will be increased, the demon will disguise more and more cunning. You need to be very careful and sensitive to recognize their own characteristics.
In addition, sometimes the game will take place unexpected events, offering a variety of puzzles that require players to find decode quickly to find the answer. If players do it successfully, they can collect much more score. Besides, Peace, Death! also featured in the Pixel graphics. It is not too visual, but still the basic details of the character as well as the “customer” that you have to welcome.

Key features of the game:

  • Unique and funny gameplay
  • Many interesting tasks that the player must complete
  • Easy to control
  • Nice graphics, impressive sound

Peace, Death! is a “buy-2-play” game released on both Android and iOS platforms at a cost of 3.08$. Readers can visit the address below for more details.
If you do not have the conditions to pay directly to the Store, you can try the “free” version below, just visit the link below to download the IPA file (or APK) and install to the phone. We always hope you buy the game to support our developer!


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