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Uploaded: August 9th, 2017
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Parallyzed for Android is a platformer adventure game with unique gameplay and a fascinating story about two identical twins. Parallyzed is a story of touching sisterhood that remaining in you the unforgettable emotions. The game has a unique and extremely addictive co-op play on the mobile. The whole game takes place in a dark background but very attractive.

Parallyzed APK mod latest /update 2017

Parallyzed for Android is about two twin sisters, Blue and Red. Although twins, but two people have the different personality, capacity and characteristics. One day, in a jealous moment, Red pushed Blue to fall off the swing, causing her to lose consciousness. Blaming herself for such a foolish moment, Red realizes that she can go to Blue’s mind, work together to help her escape from her dorm and return to real life.

With Parallyzed for Android, the player controls two sisters at the same time. Red and Blue have the ability to swap bodies at any time. So use that special power to help the twins cross the path of hardships in a demonic world, filled with the danger of hindering their progress. Note, swap versatile characters when passing through obstacles of size and colour corresponding to the twin.

Parallyzed mod apk for Android is really easy to play with two basic operations: touch the right side of the screen to swap, left to jump. However, do not rush subjective because the world in the game is always hidden secrets, unexpected pitfalls that you can not foresee. How to control two fast and safe characters has never been easier. Will you have enough confidence to create the phenomenon, bringing Blue back to the ocean?

In general, Parallyzed for Android owns the high-quality graphic design, cute cartoon characters. The parallel gameplay takes place in the dark world but quite interesting, creating a sense of mystery stimulating curiosity, discovery. If you are adventurous then surely can not miss Parallelzed mod Android. Now split your mind and get lost in the Paralleled beautiful mysterious parallel world right now.


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